Spring Gutter Cleaning

Spring Gutter Cleaning

After the last leaf has fallen and been removed from the gutters, most homeowners breathe a sigh of relief because they think that their gutter cleaning chores are done until next fall. But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Spring gutter cleaning is just as important as fall gutter cleaning because spring’s stormy weather can easily cause the gutters to fill up with debris that can cause a clogged downspout to develop. And, with so much rain in the forecast, this is no time to have backed-up gutters.

The Risks of Avoiding Spring Gutter Cleaning

If you fail to keep your gutters clean in the spring, then you face the same risks that you do when you don’t clean them out in the fall, except the disastrous results will be felt much sooner. In the winter, a clogged downspout can cause an ice dam to form that allows the water from melting snow to seep inside the home instead of flowing down the spout. During a cold winter, this process can take time and it doesn’t start until the temperatures climb above freezing.

In the spring, however, there is no wait time. The water instantly backs up in the gutter and rises until it has nowhere else to go but inside the home. When this happens, there is a very short window between the water entering the home and causing significant damage to the roof, siding, fascia, soffits, and other parts of the home. In serious cases, the water can even cause damage to the home’s structural foundation.

How to Check Your Gutter Performance

One reason why gutter issues are so frustrating is that it can be difficult to see what’s going on inside of the gutters. Luckily, you don’t have to see inside the gutters to tell if they’re working properly or not. On the next rainy day, look at your downspouts.

Is the water flowing freely from the bottom of the spout?  Is water overflowing the top of the gutter? If you see water overflowing the gutter or there’s just a trickle of water coming out of the downspout, then something is preventing the water from draining and causing it to back up.

How to Prepare Your Gutters for Spring

There are several different ways to clean out your gutters, so they’re ready for spring. You can remove the debris by hand, by using a leaf blower, or by using a wet/dry vacuum. You can also use a gutter-cleaning tool. After cleaning out the debris from the gutter, use a garden hose to flush out the downspout. If there’s a clog inside the downspout, then using a plumber’s snake can free up the debris and force it out.

For Worry-Free Gutters, Try the Thompson Creek Gutter System

If you really don’t like maintaining your gutters, then Thompson Creek has a new gutter system that can remove the burden from your seasonal home maintenance workload. Our innovative clog-free gutter system features a unique gutter hood that keeps leaves and debris out while allowing water to enter. With nothing blocking its way, the water easily flows down the spout and away from your foundation where it can do no harm.

Making our gutter system even more protective of your home is the fact that it is installed as one seamless trough, so you’ll never have to worry about your gutters leaking, clogging, or pulling away from your home. To learn more about our clog-free, worry-free gutter system or to get a free estimate for professional installation, contact Thompson Creek today.