Ten Ways to Boost Your Home’s Winter Home Curb Appeal

Ten Ways to Boost Your Home’s Winter Home Curb Appeal

If you are putting your home on the market this winter, it’s important to boost your home’s curb appeal. Here are ten easy ways to do it.

  1. Outdoor lighting

Dark days and gloomy winter weather can put a damper on your curb appeal. Shed some light on your home with some driveway lights or uprights on trees and shrubs. A well-positioned landscape light can show off that gorgeous blooming holly tree.

  1. Keep up with landscaping

Even in the colder months it’s important landscaping is kept neat and trimmed. That means mulch of about two inches should be spread in beds to maintain soil temperatures for plantings. The lawn should be trimmed its shortest trim of the year.

  1. Use colorful plantings

Bring color to the exterior of your home with winter flowering plants. Group them in containers to make the most impact. You can use them on your porch or within the beds.

  1. Freshen your paint

Without green trees and bushes as a distraction, buyers will focus on your front door and siding. Both should be clean and undamaged. It’s a great time for a pop of color. Try painting your front door red or black which will stand out and be bold.

  1. Hang House numbers

It’s tough to have good curb appeal if buyers can’t find your home. Use large house numbers to make a statement or attach them to a mailbox that’s updated and sleek.

  1. Clean out gutters

Your home’s first impression starts on the outside. One with gutters free of debris and leaves indicate maintenance is a priority for the home. Inspect your gutters to be sure they are secured properly to your home. Replacing damaged gutters with a clog-free gutter system can increase the home value as well.

  1. Garage doors update

Old, battered and poor-functioning garage doors can be the sore thumb of your home’s exterior. Garage doors most often are front facing and therefore front and center of your home’s curb appeal. Replacing dated garage doors can raise your home’s resale value. Power washing, repainting and repairing them can draw a buyer into your home rather than give them cause to drive by.

  1. Clear snow and Ice

Clearing the property of snow and ice is important in making sure your potential homebuyers have safe access to all parts of your property. Clearing the ice and snow from the driveway may just be one part of that. Consider also clearing snow and ice from your porch or deck and rear walkways. Don’t forget to make sure ice and snow aren’t built up on nearby trees and bushes that could create a hazard.

  1. Front porch welcome

Your front porch should be a welcome mat to your home. Be sure it is cleaned and free of debris. Use a front door mat to bring color to the outside of your home. Check out these other tips for providing a winter welcome on your front porch.

  1. Clear clutter

Homeowners should take time to organize closets and basements but that same must be done for garages and sheds. A clutter-free garage helps to showcase the size of the space much like a cleaned closet makes it appear larger. Take the opportunity to recycle and donate items in the garage that are no needed and dispose of those items in the garage like old paint.

Benefits of Winter Curb Appeal

Winter curb appeal must be a bit more directed and purposeful without the advantage of nature giving your home a boost. Winter provides the opportunity to examine your home’s exterior as a blank palette and make repairs and improvements that will make a significant and immediate impact. If your winter curb appeal project includes repairing or replacing old windows and doors or if your gutter system or roofing system is failing, call the experts at Thompson Creek today for a free estimate.