The Best Patio Doors in Richmond VA

The Best Patio Doors in Richmond VA

With warm weather quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to install new patio doors. Durable patio doors can not only increase energy efficiency in your home but also add additional beauty that can be appreciated for years to come. Whether you’re considering replacing your existing patio doors or you’re installing them for the first time, it’s important to plan ahead.

When to Replace Patio Doors

Maybe you’ve considered replacing your patio doors but are unsure of the right time to do it. Factors such as cosmetic damage can be unsightly, taking away some of the aesthetic beauty of your home.

It may also be time to replace your patio doors if you’re having trouble opening and closing them. Over time, patio doors can become warped, especially if they are made of wood. When they don’t close properly, heat or cold air can easily enter your house. As a result, you might have higher utility bills trying to keep parts of your house comfortable.

You should also install new patio doors if you’re concerned with safety. If you have small children, you may consider adding sliding patio doors to your Richmond home so that you have a better view of them playing outside. At Thompson Creek, we can customize patio doors to fit your needs and help you add additional security, increased lighting, and a better view to your home.

Best Patio Doors in Richmond, VA

Now that we’ve covered why you might replace your patio doors, let’s talk about some of the best sliding patio doors we offer.

Vinyl Sliding Doors

We’ve spent years perfecting our signature vinyl sliding patio doors. They’re energy efficient and designed to maximize sunlight in your home. Our years of experience improving homes in the Mid-Atlantic region have helped us find ways to substantially improve weather protection during the significant temperature changes that come with our seasons. These carefully crafted doors also include a triple-action foot locking system, which has three separate locking positions for added security.

Custom craftmanship is built into everything we do at Thompson Creek. Our sliding patio doors come in natural colors, such as white, bronze, black, and wicker, and because every home is truly unique, we also offer custom paint colors that match directly with the Sherwin Williams catalog, which comes with more than 1,700 colors. You’re sure to find the dream palette for your patio doors.

Sliding doors are sometimes made from wood, but wood doors require additional maintenance and upkeep and often need to be repainted to maintain their appeal. In the Mid-Atlantic, we have harsh winters, and over time wooden doors become weathered, creating gaps and holes that can directly impact your energy costs.

Once you’ve decided on your color palette, our skilled team of craftsmen can install new sliding doors in your home within a matter of hours. Our doors require no additional maintenance and resist warping. Learn more about our patio door selection, and contact us for a free estimate today!