The Dangers of Mold

The Dangers of Mold

Old, outdated, or damaged grout and other bathroom surfaces can harbor mold and
bacteria, rendering your bath and shower unsanitary at worst and unsightly at
best. As well as causing other unsightly and unsanitary conditions. In fact,
mold and bacteria found in your bathroom, and your shower and tub, in
particular, can affect your health even when you’re not actively using them.
Mildew and mold not only have an unsightly appearance, but they can also be
potentially dangerous for some people, especially those with compromised
immunity. They can cause joint pain, migraines, respiratory issues, and other
allergic reactions to name a few.

How does mold grow anyway?

Mold reproduces by releasing minuscule spores into the air. These mold spores
are always around us in everyday life and they only require the smallest amount
of moisture to reproduce and multiply. Warm moist or wet surfaces are their
favorite and these conditions speed up their reproduction. When coming in
contact with a moist or wet and warm environment, it only takes Fungal spores 48
hours to appear. Also, any organic matter found in your bathroom will
essentially feed the mold causing it to spread even more rapidly. Dust and skin
dander remains one of the primary sources of mold propagation in any home.

Why the bathroom?

Bathrooms are mini-environmental microcosms within the confines of your home.
Constant changes in temperature, humidity, along with moisture and condensation.
This moisture and heat offer the perfect condition for mold and bacteria to
thrive As you can imagine, given its ideal living conditions, Mold and other
fungi find a perfect home to live in the average bathroom where wet surfaces and
warm temperatures are a daily occurrence. Couple this with a steady supply of
perspiration and other unsanitary particulate matter and you have the makings
of a science project right next to your soap dish. This is why your bathroom
offers such an appealing environment for mold and bacterial growth and also why
it is so important to keep them clean and bacteria-free. The Shower and Tub
installation offered by Mid-Atlantic Tub and Shower is an antidote to the
scourge of bathroom mold and it only takes a day to give your bathroom the
second chance it deserves!

What is pink mold?

When you see a pinkish, orangeish, or yellow staining on your grout work, it’s
an indication that a certain strain of waterborne bacteria called Serratia
marcescens has taken up residence in your bathroom. This is commonly referred to
as “Pink Mold” due to its pink-to-orange color which is caused mostly by changes
in temperature like those you often experience in a bathroom. Pink Mold is quite
the opportunist when it comes to reproducing and is usually transferred through
body fluids.  Even though it doesn’t cause serious or severe illness, if left
untreated Pink Mold will spread and can potentially present a wide range of
health problems especially for individuals with compromised immune systems,
infants, and even your pets. In worst-case scenarios, Pink Mold can cause
problems like bladder infections, blood poisoning, endocarditis, pneumonia, bone
infections, and even Meningitis. Another indication that it may be time to
switch out your shower and tub.

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