Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

The weather outside may be frightful but it’s not a scary time to put your house on the market. Here are four common misconceptions about selling your home in the winter.

  1. No one shops for homes in the winter.

False! There are buyers shopping for homes in all seasons. According to Zillow, more than half of the buyers in America don’t have kids under 18 so they aren’t limited by the school year when it comes to moving. Plus, as housing markets continue to be short on inventory, buyers are willing to shop no matter what the season.

  1. Buyers will low ball my listing price.

False! Buyers who are looking for homes in the winter tend to be motivated buyers because of a possible change of life situation like a new job or financial change. These buyers tend to know more about what they want and are ready to act.

  1. Agents and brokers are unavailable.

False! Instead of getting a shorter audience with your real estate agent or broker, fewer buyers and home listings mean you get more attention for your listing.

  1. Buyers are short on cash after the holidays.

False! Buyers are anxious to take advantage of end-of-year investments for tax purposes. Here are some tax benefits to buying a home this winter.

What You Can Do to Help Sell your Home This Winter

True, there is weather to deal with and you aren’t able to spruce up your property with additional landscaping. That just means you should do some homework ahead of time.

Here are some tips to selling your home this winter.

  1. Plan in advance. Because your buyers aren’t able to see your home’s true potential during the other seasons, make sure to include photos of fall, spring and summer as part of your home’s selling portfolio.
  2. Winter’s lighting can create shadows and dull your home’s shine! Invest in a good 3D home tour by a professional who can make sure to chase out the winter shadows with good lighting.
  3. Hire an agent who can explain how they will market your home to an audience in winter. Fewer people will be out walking around so a yard sign isn’t going to cut it in winter. Make sure there is a direct marketing plan with both digital and direct mailings.
  4. List with the right price. Make sure your home is priced correctly. This way you will have fewer buyers who try to make low offers that are out of line with comps in the neighborhood.
  5. Curb appeal still sells a home so make sure you pull out the dead flowers and make sure the yard is raked.
  6. Make sure your heating system is working properly and drafty windows and doors are fixed. You want your home to be warm and inviting.
  7. Limit your holiday décor. It’s difficult during the holidays but use a wintertime theme versus a religious holiday to dress up your home. Your hope is your buyer can picture hosting their next holiday in your home.
  8. Create a cozy atmosphere. When there is a showing, light the fireplace or turn on interior reading lights to show off that little reading nook.
  9. Pay attention to smells. Does your home have a musty or damp smell? Check your home for water leaks that might create mold or mildew and the smell that does along with it.
  10. Look up at your ceilings. Are there water marks that might indicate a roof leak? Winter ice damming, storms and snow can create leaks in your roof that show up as spots on your ceiling. A roof inspection would be a great pre-listing idea to make sure those little leaks don’t surprise you and your buyer.

Make Your Home Buyer Ready

Winter’s chill doesn’t mean the housing market goes cold. Make sure you prepare your home and your expectations when listing your home this winter. Thompson Creek professionals can help get your home ready to sell this winter. Selling your home this winter? Call us today before you list your home and we can replace your roof, windows and doors to make sure it is buyer-ready.