Top Reasons to Replace your Front Door

Top Reasons to Replace your Front Door

One of the quickest, easiest ways to upgrade your curb appeal is buying a new front door to replace an old, battered one. When you replace your front door, you greatly enhance one of the most visible areas of your home as well as your home’s architectural style. Besides aesthetics, there are several other reasons why entry door replacement is a fun yet sensible choice.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons to replace front doors is to conserve energy. While many homeowners want wooden doors for their classic beauty, insulated steel or fiberglass doors are more energy efficient.

Old, uninsulated front doors or warped wooden doors may not fit snugly within the doorframe, allowing hot or cold air to leak into your home. New front doors can provide an airtight fit, making a big difference in your heating and cooling costs. Be sure to consider energy performance ratings when comparing your front entry door replacement options by looking at the National Fenestration Rating Council label.

Improved Security

As significant as enhanced energy efficiency is, improving home security is also important. A newer, better front door does that. New technology makes modern front doors stronger than their predecessors, and they have better locking capabilities, too.

A quality steel or fiberglass front door should have key features that make it a secure entry point, such as steel plates and deadbolts. Different entry door styles allow you to get both the look you want and the security you need.

Great Return On Investment

Anytime you tackle a home improvement project, always consider your return on investment. One of the least expensive home improvement projects is front entry door replacement. It’s also one that provides a hefty ROI.

Replacement doors add value to your home with the bonus of improving curb appeal, energy efficiency, and home security. Installation costs for a new steel front door can vary nationwide, but you can recoup 75% of this cost when you sell your home. Make your new front door stand out by picking a bold door color.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

Natural wood doors require regular maintenance to ensure it retains its beauty and is protected from premature weathering. This means regular refinishing, repainting, or restaining. Moisture can seep into wood doors and cause rot, and wood’s natural expansion and contraction from temperature extremes can cause warping and cracking.

Fiberglass or steel doors are extremely durable, low maintenance, and sufficient against the harsh Mid-Atlantic weather. They won’t rot or warp over time, so you don’t have to worry about refurbishing or refinishing. Textured steel or fiberglass front doors also come in a woodgrain finish to get the look of wood without the hassle.

Replace Your Front Door Professionally

When you get a replacement door through Thompson Creek, you’re getting the strongest entry door in the industry with built-in safety and security mechanisms. We use only high-quality materials to create a custom door that exceeds ENERGY STAR’s energy-efficient criteria, and our expert installers ensure a perfect fit. Contact us today for a free estimate on an entry door replacement that comes with our unbeatable No-Hassle Warranty and Buyer Protection Guarantee.