Top Reasons to Replace Windows

Top Reasons to Replace Windows

Your windows will show many signs for when it’s time to replace them. Sometimes the indicators are of an aesthetic nature and obvious to the naked eye. Other signs may not be so obvious and can manifest elsewhere in your home. Mold or a sudden spike in your heating bills may mean your windows are in trouble. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the top reasons to replace your windows and how to arrange a beautiful, energy-efficient, and durable new window installation. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Windows? 

While several factors determine how often you should replace your windows, the majority of windows have an accurate life expectancy. The life expectancy of a builder grade window in a new home is 10-15 years, while a high end replacement, when installed correctly, can last 50.  

It’s sometimes possible to repair windows instead of arranging a replacement. For example, you can change out weatherstripping or hardware fairly easily. However, as time goes on, the integrity of your windows will start to fail. Frames may warp, window panes may start to mist, and security features such as locks and handles may develop defects. This is when replacement simply cannot be ignored.  

Reasons To Consider Replacing Your Windows 

While your home may not be able to talk to you, it can give you clear signs that things aren’t quite right. Your windows, in particular, are very communicative. There are many signs that indicate your windows are due for replacement. 

Save Money on Energy Bills 

Energy loss through your windows could be costing you a significant amount of money every year. In fact, according to ENERGY STAR, you could save around $424 a year by replacing inefficient windows with ENERGY STAR qualified windows. Over time, frames can become loose, gaps can form, and window seals can start to deteriorate. Installing new windows solves this problem and reduces your bills.  

New Window Frames 

Some window damage can be repaired fairly easily. However, damaged frames or broken sashes will almost always need a replacement unit. Defective window frames are not only unattractive, but they can also compromise security and insulation. 

New windows solve this issue and improve your curb appeal and your home’s overall integrity and security.  

Clear Window Panes 

If you have double- or triple-paned windows, you may experience misty or foggy windows. This problem occurs when condensation becomes trapped between the panes, causing the window to fog. 

Once air gets into this space, your windows will become less efficient over time. Misty panes also obscure your view of the outside world. Renewing your windows will solve this problem, improving the view both into and out of the room and increasing overall curb appeal.  

Smooth Operation 

When windows are frequently opened and closed, tiny grooves and divots can form on the frame. These defects can cause your windows to stick, making them harder to open and close over time. The only remedy for this problem is to replace your windows.  

Choosing Replacement Windows 

Before you invest in new windows, it’s a good idea to get your home and windows inspected. This will help you understand the condition of your existing windows and get an accurate estimate for replacement.  

Whether you’re ready to go ahead with a quote for complete window replacement or are interested in retrofitting one or more windows, the team at Thompson Creek can help. We offer a wide selection of windows, including sliding, double-hung, garden, and bay windows. Contact us today to get started.