Top Spring Cleaning Hacks

Top Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring is a season that’s made for cleaning. It’s the season when we can finally open the windows and let fresh, clean air into our homes. It’s also the season of renewal, so what can be better than starting off the year with a nice, clean house? But let’s face it, after a long winter, your home can be in serious need of cleaning, and the size of the chore might not have you feeling too inspired.

If you love the results of spring cleaning, but you don’t want to put all the work and expense that usually goes into getting them, then you’ll love these seven spring cleaning hacks, tips, and tricks. Put them into action today, and you’ll have your home looking and smelling fresh in no time.

#1: Microwave Your Sponge

If you only have one sponge to work with, you’ll probably notice it starting to smell before you’ve gotten too far into your cleaning chores. Luckily, this tip will help you get extra mileage from your solitary sponge. After rinsing it, squeeze as much water out of it as you can and put it in the microwave for one minute. The heat will kill the odor-causing bacteria and your sponge will be just as good as new again. Just let the sponge sit for a minute before touching it because it will be hot!

#2: Apply Car Wax to Your Stove Top

After cleaning your stove top, apply a thin layer of automobile wax to it and then buff it off with a clean towel. This will restore the stove top to a like-new finish, and it will create a layer of protection that will make cleaning up future spills a breeze.

#3: Use a Lemon to Clean Stainless Steel

Commercial stainless-steel cleaners are loaded with chemicals and they’re often expensive. Instead, take a lemon out of your refrigerator, slice it in half and use it clean your stainless-steel faucets. Lemon completely destroys hard water stains and leaves your home smelling fresh and bright.

#4: Clean the Microwave With Steam

The microwave can be tough to get sparkling clean because food stains can get baked into the surface of its interior. One way to make quick work of this job is to fill a microwave-safe bowl with one to two cups of water, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and then run it in the microwave for five minutes. The steam will help loosen up the stains, so they can be wiped away.

#5: Use Dryer Sheets for Dusting

Dryer sheets are excellent at stopping static in the dryer, and this property also makes them ideal for collecting dust. Even better, they leave a clean fragrance behind as an added benefit. Use the fabric softener sheets to dust any surface where static might pose a problem, like your electronics.

#6: Remove Water Rings With a Hair Dryer

Water rings can be unsightly blemishes on your furniture, and they can be terribly difficult to remove. But a hair dryer and some olive oil are all that’s needed, in most cases. Just blast the water ring with the hair dryer on its highest setting and you’ll start seeing the mark disappear. When the mark is gone, buff the spot with a clean towel and a bit of olive oil. This will recondition the wood and restore its luster.

#7: Soak the Shower head in Vinegar

A great way to clean your shower head is to remove it and run it through your dishwasher. But if your shower head isn’t removable or you don’t own a dishwasher, you can still get it sparkling clean using a clear plastic bag, a rubber band and some white vinegar. Just fill the bag with enough vinegar to allow the shower head to be submerged, and then secure the bag in place using the rubber band. Allow it to soak overnight and by morning, the vinegar will have removed any hard water minerals that might have been reducing your water flow.

Make Your Home Spotless With Our Favorite Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Is your home ready for spring? This year, why not give your home the facelift it deserves, so it will be just as clean and tidy on the outside as it is on the inside. All is takes is a few simple hacks to get you well on your way to enjoying the warmer weather. At Thompson Creek, we offer a variety of home renovation services that can restore your home’s beauty and energy efficiency.

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