Top Four Popular Vinyl Siding Colors for Your Mid-Atlantic Home

Top Four Popular Vinyl Siding Colors for Your Mid-Atlantic Home

Changing the siding on your home can completely revamp its style and curb appeal. Whether you’re replacing old aluminum siding or upgrading to energy efficient insulated vinyl siding, new siding can enhance your home’s current look or completely change it, depending on vinyl siding colors and styles you choose. Take a look at these vinyl siding color ideas that are popular options for your home.

There are a number of vinyl siding color trends emerging when it comes to siding. The market is seeing an increase in the use of deeper and bolder shades. Warm deep browns, greens, and blues are all trending up. These colors have a clean look while complementing the earth tones in the home’s landscaping. Here is a list of the most popular vinyl siding color trends this season.

#1 – White

Traditionally used more on homes in the south, a popular siding color on the rise is white. Using white siding as well as white trim creates a clean and classic look on homes both traditional and modern. However, white siding can require a lot of maintenance including regular power washing to keep the color crisp and clean. Opt for an off-white color such as beige or gray to make white trim pop.

#2 – Red

A deep, rich shade of red will give your home a rustic barn-feel to it. This is a popular siding color trend that has withstood the test of time, and is often most popular in farm or lake areas. Pairing red siding with stone or brick is a great way to add details that complement the color. Some popular red hues for siding include Barnyard Red, Melrose and Crimson.

#3 – Blue

Blue is another trending vinyl siding color that has grown in popularity over the years. Royal blue adds a sense of elegance to your home, and pairs well with white trim. Navy is another classic blue hue that makes a statement while remaining subtle, and pairs nicely with stone detailing.

#4 – Brown

From a Dark Beige to Windswept Smoke, there is an endless variety of brown shades to choose from when it comes to selecting a darker vinyl siding color. Darker browns give off an earthy feel and look great next to nature and greenery. Browns are a modern alternative to wood log siding and can add tremendous curb appeal.

Some manufacturers help you take the guesswork out of color selection. Look for a company that offers online tools to “test out” different colors on your home. Upload a photo of your home, then select different color combinations to see how they can change the look of your home. There are also “color families” that offer a palette of complementary colors for your home’s siding and trim. These color palettes can also help when selecting colors for roofing shingles, entry doors, and garage doors to keep your color selections harmonious.

For the trim on your home, you have two choices. You can go with the same color as your siding. As is the case with white siding, using the same color trim gives a clean look. Or you can contrast the color of your siding by selecting a different color for the trim. You can go a couple of shades lighter than your siding or go a shade darker.

There are many reasons homeowners decide to change their siding. Replacing worn out or damaged siding, updating a home’s look, and going for greater energy efficiency can all be achieved when undertaking this home improvement project.