What Is Lap Siding? Horizontal Siding Explained

What Is Lap Siding? Horizontal Siding Explained

If you’re thinking about replacing your siding or having new siding installed, you have many options. One of those options is horizontal lap siding. But what is lap siding, why is it so popular, and how do you go about choosing the right type and style for your home?  

In this article, we’ll discuss Dutch lap vinyl siding vs. traditional alternatives and which choice might be best for you. 

What Is Lap Siding? 

If you’ve ever looked at residential siding and thought it had the appearance of the side of a wooden sailing ship, you’d be right. America’s first settlers were masters at building strong, reliable sailing vessels that could withstand everything the sea had to offer. It wasn’t long before they started to apply their shipbuilding expertise to residential construction, resulting in the nautically-inspired lap siding often used to finish the exteriors of houses today. 

Lap siding is easy to spot — just look for wide planks that overlap each other (hence the name). Most lap siding is installed horizontally, but there are also vertical and architectural installations that can help create a unique and highly attractive home. 

 Why Choose Horizontal Lap Siding?  

Many types of horizontal siding are available to homeowners, including vinyl siding, wood siding, metal siding, and fiber cement siding. Of all of these types, vinyl horizontal lap siding is the most popular because it’s:  

  • Attractive: Vinyl horizontal siding gives your home a classic look that never goes out of style.  
  • Easy to install: Vinyl horizontal lap siding can be installed quickly and easily. 
  • Cost-effective: Because it’s easy to install, the costs are lower than more complex siding options, such as vertical siding. 
  • Low-maintenance: Siding can simply be cleaned with a garden hose and soft brush.  
  • Durable: Vinyl horizontal siding is much more resistant to moisture damage than wooden siding.  

Love the look of wood but want the durability of vinyl? Many vinyl board designs have a wood-grain texture and print that give them the look of wood without the high maintenance.  

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding vs. Traditional Vinyl Siding 

When choosing horizontal vinyl siding for your home, you typically have two options: traditional vinyl siding or Dutch lap vinyl siding. The main difference between these two types of vinyl siding are the profile and how each piece of siding lines up during installation.  While both types consist of planks that overlap one another, Dutch lap siding is designed in a slightly different way. Each Dutch lap plank has a concave edge that creates attractive shadow lines. These shadow lines give a visual texture that improves your home’s curb appeal.  

Traditional vinyl siding looks similar to Dutch lap up close. However, the straight edges of the planks don’t create the aesthetically pleasing shadows that make Dutch lap so sought after.  

When choosing between vinyl Dutch lap siding and traditional siding, it’s really a matter of aesthetics. Both offer the same durability, a similar price point, and a wide array of beautiful colors.  

The Easy Way To Add Charm to Your Home 

Whether you choose horizontal or vertical siding, you’re improving your home’s curb appeal and protecting it from the elements for years to come. At Thompson Creek, our siding experts offer all the advice and assistance you need to choose the right color, materials, and more. Contact us today to start your next siding project.