Types of Casement Windows

Types of Casement Windows

Casement windows are an ideal option for homeowners who want to enjoy an unobstructed view of their front or back yard. There’s a wide range of different types of casement windows to choose from, each offering something a little different. Making the right choice for your home means understanding the differences between them. Take a look at some of the most popular casement window styles below to help you choose your favorite.

What Makes a Casement Window Different?

No matter what types of casement windows you’re looking to incorporate in your home, they all have a few things in common. The main advantage of casement windows is that they open on a hinge.

Casement windows are also some of the most energy-efficient window types available. This is because they have lower air leakage, which helps maintain your home’s internal temperature.

Types of Casement Windows

Since there are so many casement window styles available, incorporating them into the overall design of your home is easy. Each of the options below offers a unique look and functionality.

Push-Out Casement Windows

Some of the most simple and functional casement window styles are push-out casement windows. They work with the simple turn of a handle and a gentle push, offering unobstructed access to the outdoors. In addition, there are a variety of different arrangements and sizes, which can go a long way toward creating a more personalized look.

Double Frame Casement Windows

For a slightly different style, double frame casement windows bring the same functionality as other options, with a central structural element. This allows you to operate each of the window sashes independently while introducing an attractive design accent.

Picture Windows With Casement Flankers

One popular casement window trend is picture windows with casement flankers. The large picture window in the center allows for a picturesque view of the scenery beyond; however, it lacks ventilation since it doesn’t open. The casement windows on each side serve as the perfect compliment, offering a similar aesthetic as the central picture window while letting the cool breeze flow in.

Complimenting Your Home’s Unique Qualities

Choosing among the types of casement windows above ultimately comes down to matching the right style and functionality to your needs. If you’re not exactly sure which would work best for you, a consultation with Thompson Creek Window could be the answer. So whether you’re looking for tips for incorporating casement window styles into your home or have roof, siding, or gutter concerns, get in touch with a Thompson Creek Window representative today.