Types of Replacement Doors

Types of Replacement Doors

Doors are one of the first things a person sees when they come to your home. They can either brighten up the outdoors or make the entire place look drab and unwelcoming. The best type of doors are outstanding yet blend nicely with the unrest of the environment. They are made of sturdy material, are durable, and make a statement to whoever is looking. While these types of doors are often more expensive than regular doors, they are worth every dollar. This article discusses the different types of replacement doors.

1) Wood doors

Wood at its finest is thick and heavy and has a quality that other types of doors lack. Depending on the type of wood used, cedar doors can last 30 years while mahogany doors can reach 60 years. The minimum cost of a wooden door is $1000 and it requires regular maintenance to keep it looking new. This maintenance includes either refinishing or repainting wooden doors annually or every two years to keep them in top shape.

2) Steel doors

Steel doors are comparatively cheaper than wooden doors as they cost between $750 to $1000. This excludes the cost of labor, lockset, or hardware. They are a good option if you are on a tight budget. However, steel doors must be replaced much faster than wooden doors because they are subject to the elements such as water and salty air. Salty air will cause corrosion while water will cause rust. They are great for security reasons but can only last 7 years tops.

3) Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass doors are the best of both worlds. They look like wood but cost about the same price as steel doors. They cost between $2,490 to $3,630 minus installation. They have a thick outer coating that provides insulation and serves as a good security barrier. Fiberglass doors are good replacement doors because they do not need maintenance and can last for up to 20 years. They are aesthetically pleasing lightweight doors that are easy to manage.

4) Wrought iron doors

Wrought iron doors are weather-proof and durable doors. You can easily add glass and other frames to make it more visually appealing. Wrought iron offers a strong security barrier and serves as good front doors. Their energy-efficient nature makes them good replacement doors. Additionally, they let in natural light.

5) Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors are highly durable low-maintenance doors that can be used for storm doors. They can last up to 20 years, and you do not need to paint them. They cost between $1,240 to $2,440 minus installation. They do not rust and can be used for the front door or even a backdoor. However, it is more expensive when used for front doors because owners usually want them to look in a certain way.

6) Vinyl doors

These are the cheapest among the different types of replacement doors. They cost between $2500 to $5000 minus installation. They are sometimes used as front doors but mostly as patio doors. Vinyl doors are energy-efficient, low maintenance, are not affected by the weather.

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