Virginia Beach Replacement Siding

Virginia Beach Replacement Siding

Is your home’s exterior looking a bit tired and dull? With siding installation, you can revamp your Virginia Beach property quickly and easily. Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance, durable, and effective way of revitalizing your property, and it’s available in many colors and styles.

Why Choose Siding Installation in Virginia Beach?

Vinyl siding has several benefits over more traditional siding materials, including:

  • Colors are mixed into the material, so don’t crack, chip, or fade
  • Mold and mildew can’t take hold easily
  • Vinyl is highly resistant to moisture damage
  • The siding is almost entirely maintenance-free, requiring just occasional washing

Not only does vinyl siding look good but it also helps protect your home from the elements. The air behind the vinyl siding can act as a mild form of insulation, keeping your home warm and dry.

In addition, some varieties of siding come with expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) behind them, offering even greater insulation for those in colder climates. While siding doesn’t make as much of a difference as installing new windows, it does offer some insulating benefits.

Vinyl Comes in More Styles than You Think

Vinyl has been in widespread use since the 1970s, but the material has come a long way since then. Early products were quite boring, flat, and plastic-looking. Today, it’s possible to get vinyl siding in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses, and there’s even wood grain-textured vinyl that mimics the appearance of real wood, giving your home a nice rustic appearance.

Wood grain-effect vinyl siding is a popular option with those living in conservation areas or wanting a more classic appearance for their homes. White vinyl is a more contemporary look, but still has a timeless appeal to it.

In addition to choosing the color and texture, Virginia Beach homeowners also have a variety of style options for their sidings. The most common option is Dutchlap, which involves simple horizontal lines of siding. Other options include halfround, hand-split, and staggered sidings that have a more textured, rich appearance to them. Match your siding to your roof tiles for an eye-catching, polished look for your home.

Transform Your Exterior the Easy Way

Once vinyl siding is installed, it’s incredibly easy to maintain. You can simply wash it down periodically to remove any dust or dirt. The siding won’t fade or crack with exposure to the elements.

High-quality vinyl siding is designed to resist most stains, but it still needs to be washed to keep its appearance fresh. Mildew may accumulate in areas that are shaded, such as under gutters, but because vinyl isn’t porous, it’s easy to wash it away — and it doesn’t grow back quickly.

It’s important that your siding is installed properly, however. PVC will expand and contract in response to changing temperatures, so it shouldn’t be nailed firmly into place on the wall. Rather, it should be placed ‘floating’ on slotted fins, so it can move as needed while staying secure.

If you’re looking for Virginia Beach siding replacement services, we’re here to help. At Thompson Creek, we have a variety of options for siding installation in Virginia Beach that can make your home spring-ready. Contact us today to discuss your options and get a free estimate.