Walk-In Shower Ideas with Bathroom Remodel

Walk-In Shower Ideas with Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are one of the best investments you can make in your home. The New York Times reports that homeowners retain an average of 60% return on their investment in their guest or master bathroom renovations. If you are looking for ideas for walk-in showers for your bathroom remodeling project, you can read more here. 

Installing a new walk-in shower can change the look of your entire bathroom, providing added comfort and resale value for your home. Walk-in showers are accessible, easier to clean than bathtubs and come in a variety of styles to match your personal taste. If you’re looking for walk-in shower ideas, we’ve listed the elements you should consider before planning your bathroom renovation.  


The look and feel of your new walk-in shower starts with the size of the space you’re looking to renovate. If you’re converting a tub into a walk in shower, your space will instantly feel larger with added walking space. With smaller bathroom spaces, you should consider elements like a sliding door to conserve space.  


Tiling is an important aspect of walk-in showers, and some homeowners have incorporated trends like different designs and patterns to spruce up the space. Standard white tiles are a sleek look, but adding in black tiles to create patterns and designs adds a visual aspect to your shower. 


The two main options for walk-in shower doors are swinging and sliding. Swinging doors are best when you have enough space for the door to swing open, whereas sliding doors conserve more space. A contemporary style of walk-in shower may have no door, and simply allows space to walk out of; however, this style requires enough space for the water to remain within the shower walls.  


Walk-in showers provide the most opportunity to improve accessibility. Because the shower opening can be custom-sized, it can accommodate a wheelchair or can incorporate grab bars or bench seating.  

Shower Heads 

Different shower heads can alter the water flow in your shower and change your showering experience. Some shower heads deliver gentle rainfall for a soothing experience and others provide higher water pressure, which is good for muscle relaxation. Adding in multiple shower heads is a good way to enhance your shower and allow the option for a flexible hose, which is good for cleaning the shower walls.  


Some of the most popular bathroom styles include rustic, modern and contemporary.  

  • The rustic farmhouse style is a classic look and can be used to make small spaces seem larger. Elements of rustic walk-in showers include aged metal, patterned tile and wood flooring to complement the more modern aspects.  
  • Modern walk-in showers usually contain neutral and earthy tones for tile and wall colors.  
  • Contemporary style is slightly different from modern in the sense that it’s a more minimalistic style and incorporates newer trends. These trends can include all-white palettes, doorless walk in showers and skylights for added natural light.  

Whatever type of walk-in shower you decide to include in your bathroom remodeling project, Thompson Creek experts are here to help every step of the way. Our professionals install with precision to ensure your fixture is fit to last and your bathroom looks beautiful. Call or visit our website today to get a free estimate and to discuss your next bathroom renovation.