Ways to Usher in the Start of Spring

Ways to Usher in the Start of Spring

March may come in like a lion, but with it comes spring. On March 19 the Mid-Atlantic will officially welcome spring and here are some easy ways to reflect the change of seasons in your home.

  1. Spring Cleaning:

Obvious and cliché yes, but for a good reason. A deep spring cleaning is important to a home that’s been closed up for several months. The act of decluttering itself increases productivity and efficiency. Removing allergens from the home also helps improve a home’s air quality. Check your home’s air filters and dryer vents for better indoor air movement.

  1. Lighten it up

Take the opportunity to swap out warm tones for cooler colors. Look for blues and greens to be prominent in spring and summer home fashions with coastal-inspired colors dominating, according to Pantone Color Institute.

  1. Bring spring in

Celebrate the early bloomers but bringing them in! Make a new table arrangement with bright colors from your backyard or local nursery.

  1. Swap your wardrobe

Take advantage of one of the rainy spring days to replace your winter sweaters with your spring    clothing. It’s also a good opportunity to assess whether to donate some of the clothes you didn’t wear this winter and store the rest.

  1. Inspect your home

Cold temperatures might have trapped you inside your home, leaving your exterior exposed and unchecked for several months. Enjoy the springtime temps and check your roof for ice, hail or water damage from winter. Check bushes for shingles that might have blown off your roof and call in a roofing professional if you are unsure if your roof needs repair or replacing. Here are some helpful tips on how to check your roof for damage.

  1. Find your farmers’ market

Nothing says spring like bringing home fresh food from your local farmers’ market. Take time to clear the refrigerator to make way for local foods. You can find Maryland famers’ markets here and find markets in Virginia here.

  1. Clean your gutters

It’s not a fun job, but your home will need to have clean and properly-sized gutters to handle spring showers. Check your gutters for damage from winter’s ice and debris. Repair gutters that may have come unattached from the home. This may be the time to consider a clog-free gutter system.

  1. Decorate your door

Use spring colors to create a welcoming spring decor on your door. Buy a ready-made wreath or use Eucalyptus as a base to make your own. This might be time to touch up your faded front door. It’s a good time to swap your storm door if you have one for a screen door.

  1. Update your linens

Replace heavy pillows, sheets and throws for lighter fabrics that will more comfortable as the temperatures begin to trend upward. Use a light colored coverlet to give your bedroom a spring look and store heavy comforters until fall.

  1. Spring your porch into action

You’re ready to spend more time outside, so make sure your porch is ready to handle the company! Inspect your porch for damage from winter weather, replace broken or burned out lighting, power wash the porch and furniture and use an outdoor rug to add color to the outdoor living space. Your porch is a great place to ride out spring showers or enjoy spring breezes.

As daylight lingers longer in the evening and temperatures begin to lose their crisp edge, there’s no doubt spring is near. These simple tips will have you ready to usher in spring. And if you need a professional to help with roofing, gutters, siding, windows or front door replacement or repair, call Thompson Creek. We have decades of experience helping homeowners get their homes ready for spring.