What Are Soundproof Windows?

What Are Soundproof Windows?

Your home is a place where you may retreat from the world. Noise pollution can be an aggravating problem that impacts your quality of life. Taking steps to soundproof your hideaway can keep it private and comfortable.   

This guide reviews what soundproof windows are and how they can help reduce the volume of what’s happening outside.  

How Sound Works  

If you understand how sound works, it makes soundproofing your home easier. The way we hear sound is through vibrations that send signals to our brains through our ears. Sound waves are created by vibrating particles that can travel through solid objects like glass.  

Whenever a sound wave encounters an object, it’s altered when it passes through. If sound needs to travel through your front door and several walls before reaching you, it sounds softer. To create a quieter home, you create barriers that diminish the sound coming from outside.   

The Benefits of a Quiet Home  

Studies have found a link between noise pollution and elevated stress levels. If you’re constantly bombarded with sounds from construction, traffic, neighborhood pets, and emergency vehicles, it can be harder to relax. Some people also find it more difficult to rest when they can hear sirens, dogs barking, or passing planes all the time.   

You can still enjoy life in the city without all the noise. Installing noise-reducing windows is one of several steps you can take to significantly reduce interior noise.   

What Are Soundproof Windows?  

Soundproof windows are designed to slow the transmission of sound waves, so you perceive them as quieter or softer. They don’t stop sound waves completely, but they add obstacles between a sound’s source and your home’s interior.  

Soundproof windows use carefully selected materials with enhanced weather stripping and multiple panes so that more noise is absorbed by the window before entering your home. A triple-paned window, for example, can reduce the volume of exterior noise by about half.  

Added Benefits of Having Soundproof Windows  

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, soundproofing windows can accomplish more than reducing the volume of what’s happening outside. Some added benefits include:  

  • Airtight seals that keep allergens and other unwanted particles outside your home  
  • Improved insulation to reduce your winter heating bill and summer electricity costs  
  • Noise-reducing frames that add another barrier to absorb sound  
  • Multiple styles to choose from  

How Do Thompson Creek Sound Shield Windows Work?  

Thompson Creek Sound Shield windows are specifically designed to reduce more noise than our standard window. They work by using multiple panes of thicker glass that are separated just enough to dissipate sound waves. Placing argon gas between the panes adds an additional sound barrier to reduce noise further.   

The best locations for sound-reducing windows are the walls in your home that face common noise sources, such as your front or side exterior windows. Even the best windows can’t eliminate all noise, so you can take extra steps to soundproof your home. Making sure your home is properly insulated and installing a soundproof front door are just a couple of ideas.   

Contact us today to learn more about Thompson Creek Sound Shield windows and how our team can help soundproof your home.