What are the Different Types of Interior Doors?

What are the Different Types of Interior Doors?

Chances are you have more than a dozen interior doors in your home. And with a busy household, those doors likely open and close dozens of times each day. When it comes to interior doors, function and purpose play a huge role in choosing their style and material.

Here’s a look at options homeowners when choosing interior doors.

Hinged Doors

Your home’s interior doors are likely hinged doors, which swing open or shut. Hinged doors are basic interior workhorses that can be made from several materials including wood, fiberglass, metal and glass. Fiberglass is the top choice due to its durability, flexibility in size and design and maintenance-free properties.

French Doors

Yes, they actually originated in France as a way to bring more light into a home. These double doors often incorporate glass from top to bottom with the two doors meeting in the middle. French doors are a great option if you are trying to make a room appear larger or bring in more natural light into a room.

French doors can also be used as an exterior door to a patio or balcony for great views to a backyard or as a stately front door.

Sliding Doors

Most often used in closets or leading to an exterior space, sliding doors include double doors with one door functional and the other stationary. Sliding doors use less space and can be a great way to get more space on your patio without a cumbersome swinging door getting in the way.

Pocket Doors

Short on space?  Much like traditional sliding doors, pocket doors slide on an overhead track inside a space or “pocket” installed in the wall. This is an excellent option for small rooms and spaces where a swinging door would get in the way. Pocket doors can complement any style of home from farmhouse to modern.

Folding Doors

Sometimes referred to as bifold doors, these are another great option for small spaces because they fold into themselves and against the frame. Pair them together and you can use them for a larger opening. Install them in a small space like a closet for easy access.

Dutch Doors

This style enables you to keep the bottom half of the door shut while opening just the top half to get ventilation and visibility. Great for homes with pets or small kids, dutch doors provide some flexibility of use.

Properly Installing Your Door

No matter the type of interior or exterior door you choose, its function and performance depend heavily on correction installation. Doors must be hung properly paying close attention to things like gravity, momentum and friction. Improperly hung doors can be misaligned, warped, malfunctioning and could potentially require future replacement due to forced closure.

Keys to Perfectly Installed Interior Doors

  • Door frame is properly aligned, square and plumb
  • Door frame is secured tightly to avoid movement
  • Hinges are placed in line with one another
  • Hinge screws are sized to handle the weight and size of the door
  • Door is made out of quality material without faults and fractures, warping
  • All exposed wood on the doors are sealed to avoid moisture absorption

At Thompson Creek our exterior doors are not only installed by experts they are made by professionals who can build to your home’s exact specifications. That’s important because an ill-fitting door is not only dangerous, it can cost you money in lost heating and cooling energy and be subject to warping and deteriorating.

Doors can add personality to a home with a choice of styling, paneling, color and function. Find out how Thompson Creek can help you with all your replacement door needs today.