What Does Your Front Door Color Mean?

What Does Your Front Door Color Mean?

The front door of a home plays a big role in a guest’s first impression. After all, your front door is the first thing your guests see before entering your home, and it makes an impact on your home’s overall curb appeal. The type of front door is important but, believe it or not, your choice of front door colors is even more important because the color you choose says a lot about you.

Not sure what your front door color meaning is broadcasting to the world? This guide will help you learn more about the different front door colors and their hidden meanings.

Red Front Doors

Red is a very popular color for front doors because it adds a bold touch to a home’s exterior. If you have a red front door, it probably means you like entertaining. It tells the world your home is always open for visitors. You’re always prepared for a surprise drop-in, so you also probably make a point to keep your bar stocked and food in the freezer for an impromptu barbeque.

Pink Front Doors

If your front door is pink, then you’re probably a romantic at heart. You’re a thoughtful and generous person who relishes in the details. Your drinks have creative garnishes and your pillows are monogrammed. You prefer to look at life with the proverbial rose-tinted glasses.

Light Blue Front Doors

A light blue front door tells the world you’re relaxed and you like things casual. You’re a good friend who’s also a great listener. You always try to look on the positive side and you bring the laughs to help boost someone’s dour mood.

Dark Blue Front Doors

Dark blue showcases your conservative side. You have an appreciation for historic things and family heirlooms. You may even have an addiction to antique stores. You prefer a calm and organized life, but you’re not so strict as to avoid letting your hair down occasionally.

Yellow Front Doors

Your yellow front door is a direct representative of your sunny disposition. You’re always cheerful and looking on the bright side of life. You love mornings especially, but you find something wonderful about every part of the day. You’re happy just being alive.

Black Front Doors

A black front door is a classic and bold statement. You’re not afraid to speak your mind and you love a good mystery. You’re an independent sort who isn’t swayed by trends. Halloween may also be your favorite holiday, though this isn’t always the case.

Green Front Doors

A green-colored front door is usually found on the home of someone who loves the outdoors, their community, and their family. You’re peaceful and responsible and you probably have a green thumb to go with your door.

Orange Front Doors

If you have an orange door, you’re probably a warm-hearted friend who is spontaneous and not afraid of taking risks. You are a go-getter and the one person in your group most likely to take charge when a party needs to be planned. Reliability is your middle name.

Purple Front Doors

Purple is an uncommon choice for a front door, but if you have one, then it probably means you’re an outgoing person who dreams big and isn’t worried about what others think of you. You’re a creative sort and a free spirit.

White Front Doors

A white front door usually opens to a very clean and organized home. Everything is in its place and clutter is non-existent. You revel in tidiness and you can usually only relax after things are cleaned up.

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