What is a Sunroom?

What is a Sunroom?

What exactly is a sunroom, and can you add one to your home? Learn all about these unique, cheerful rooms and how Thompson Creek can help in the window selection process so you can create one of your own.

If you’re like most people, you’re looking for a way to bask in the sunlight without the excessive heat of summer (not to mention the pesky bugs!). A great way to make this dream come true is to look into adding a sunroom to your home. Sunrooms are a great way to maximize natural light and brighten up the indoors not matter what season. Read more to learn about the many benefits of adding a sunroom to your floor plan.

A sunroom can be called a few different things, (sun porch, solarium) but defined the sunroom is an insulated room that increases the square footage of your home. Sunrooms are made to be enjoyed year-round in contrast to a screened in patio or lanais which is an enclosed living area but traditionally uses screens instead of windows and is not insulated so it does count toward your home’s square footage.

Adding value to your home

If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, adding a sunroom with new windows could greatly increase your resale value. While every situation is unique, the increased living space and curb appeal that a sunroom adds will more than likely cause the price of your home to shoot up. Combined with other assets, such as a scenic backyard or a functional living room design, sunrooms can add value to both your home’s price tag and quality of living.

Reducing your Electric Bill

Just as any window addition would, adding a sunroom makes it easier to use sunlight to illuminate your home instead of artificial light. Locating your sunroom in a place where it will allow light to flood into the rest of your house is a good strategy for keeping your house bright without driving up your energy bill. Making sure you incorporate high-quality energy-efficient windows is key.

Creating a Sanctuary for Your Indoor Plants

If you’ve noticed your indoor plants dying off or not living up to their potential, a sunroom is the perfect place to house them for their best quality of life. Heat from the sun’s rays is encapsulated within the sunroom, making it a warm and cozy place for both plants and humans. Often credited as creating a greenhouse atmosphere for plants, the warm and sunny sunroom is the perfect place for your plants to thrive. If you don’t already have indoor plants, there are many benefits to your health and lifestyle to be considered.

Adding the Right Windows To Your Home

There are a few ways to convert a regular old room into a sunroom without breaking the bank. If you already have the space, and don’t need to build an additional room, Thompson Creek experts are here to help the rest of the process, which includes adding the right windows to match your home’s style. We can custom design, build and install your new windows to ensure your windows are the most energy efficient and elegant. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your sunroom windows today.