How to Find Windows for Sunrooms

How to Find Windows for Sunrooms

A sunroom provides you with the ability to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the outdoors without the hassle of insects or inclement weather. To enjoy your sunroom to the fullest, it’s important to find and select the right windows for your sunroom, and to familiarize yourself with the different types of windows available for sunrooms, so you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Choosing the Right Glass for Your Sunroom’s Windows

Ideally, a sunroom’s windows should be able to keep the heat of the sun’s rays out, but allow the natural light in. There are several ways you can accomplish this. First, you can choose windows that have multiple panes of glass. Or, you can choose windows that have Low-E coatings, which reflect heat energy.

You can also have argon gas inserted between two or three panes of glass to help improve the window’s ability to insulate against cold and heat. Lastly, you can choose to include features like snap-in shades, but this option will take away the transparency of the window.

What Are the Best Windows for a Sunroom?

The best windows for sunrooms are those that are large and have narrow frames. This is because this type of window provides the highest amount of visibility. Common windows found in sunrooms include stationary windows, casement windows, and sliding windows. Awning windows are popular choices for installing on top of stationary windows, because they allow air to flow in without interfering with visibility.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Sunroom

Where you have your sunroom installed depends on where your home or property is located. For instance, homeowners who live in cool climates should place their sunrooms on the southern side of the home to enjoy the most light and warmth, whereas homeowners in warmer climates will want to have their sunrooms on the north or northwest sides of their homes to help reduce the intensity of the heat.

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