What To Do With Your Old Windows?

What To Do With Your Old Windows?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having new windows installed in your home. The extra amount of sunlight can transform your space, making your home feel larger and more comfortable. And while you may be thrilled about your home renovation, you may not have a solution for what to do with old windows that you no longer need. It’s important to be environmentally conscious, and we’ve worked to follow recycling best practices since our company began. 

You may not have thought about what happens to old windows until now, and you may have questions about whether you’re following the right steps to dispose of them properly.  

We’ve had many loyal customers who’ve faced this dilemma and that’s why we’ve created our Go Green Initiative. But recycling isn’t the only thing you can do with your old windows. Here are a few tips when deciding what to do with old windows you no longer need. 

What to Do With Old Windows 


If this is the first time you’re renovating the windows in your home and it was built before 1978, you may not be able to recycle them. That’s because lead-based paint wasn’t banned until this year. It’s possible that your windows have lead particles that could be perceived as dangerous and can’t be used to make new windows.  

With more recent windows, you can simply recycle them. There are many benefits of recycling windows, especially when it comes to building a more sustainable future. Many glass windows are made from recycled materials because glass is 100% fully recyclable 

At Thompson Creek, we manufacture more than 54,000 windows each year in our Maryland facility. We’ve diverted approximately 304.8 tons of glass from landfills. We are happy to recycle your old windows in our effort to build a greener society and will do so after a completed project.   


Vintage and antique home design will never go out of style. There’s something that’s truly timeless about handcrafted glass windows being repurposed or reused in a home space. If you have a vivid imagination and are good at arts and crafts, using your glass windows in unique ways is a quick, affordable way to add new energy and an extra bit of class to your home space. You can use the glass to make a wooden frame mirror that sits on top of a cabinet or bookcase. Depending on the size of the window, it could also be repurposed into a full-length in the entrance area of your home. 

There are many ways to repurpose old windows. You can also build tables to use in your outdoor areas or as a coffee table. If you don’t want to just recycle or give away your old windows, consider turning them into a piece of art. 

Thompson Creek is the leading window replacement company in the Mid-Atlantic. If you need assistance recycling your old windows or looking to replace existing windows, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our Go Green Initiative and custom window designs.