When Should You Clean Your Gutters?

When Should You Clean Your Gutters?

With fall in full swing, you are probably already anticipating getting up on the ladder or on the roof and cleaning out your gutters. Fall gutter cleaning is something that you need to do each and every year, but when should you start? In this guide, you’ll learn when to clean gutters and why keeping them clean is so important for your home.

The Right Time to Start Cleaning Your Gutters

The truth is, there is no “right” time to clean your gutters because debris can accumulate in your gutters at any time. While the fall is the season most commonly associated with the job, this is a task that you shouldn’t put off until the day you start seeing leaves piling up.

Even in the spring, twigs and other detritus can land in your gutters and cause the downspouts to become clogged. So, while you will be cleaning your gutters early and often in the fall, it’s also a job you’ll want to do routinely throughout the year to ensure your downspouts remain clear.

Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaned or Repaired

If you aren’t able to stay up on your gutter-cleaning chores, then they will eventually start showing signs that they are badly in need of cleaning. Some of the most common signs to watch out for include:

  • Water inside the house – When a downspout is clogged, it can cause water to fill up in the gutter; eventually the water will have nowhere to go but inside your home. You may notice water drips in the ceiling, pools of water in the basement, or water in places where it shouldn’t otherwise be.
  • Pools of water on your lawn – If you notice puddles of water on your lawn close to your home’s foundation, then the water isn’t draining properly. This is often caused by a downspout that has become disconnected.
  • Dripping gutters – Water is designed to flow down the gutter to the downspout. When water is dripping from the edges of the gutter, this means the downspout is either clogged or the pitch is off on the gutter.
  • Signs of animal infestation – When clogged gutters are not dealt with, they will eventually attract animals like mice or bugs, which will make nests in the collected matter. If you are seeing insects in your home or you hear mice in your walls, then they could be living in your gutters.

Why Fall Gutter Cleaning Is So Important

Water is your home’s number-one enemy, and the gutter system on your home is its number-one ally in keeping water from getting inside. When the gutters can’t do their job because they’re clogged, it can put your home at risk for a wide variety of potentially dangerous and costly problems, including:

  • Pest infestations
  • Cracked foundation
  • Mold growth
  • Moisture in the basement
  • Driveway damage
  • Yard damage

When Should Gutters Be Replaced?

Gutters and downspouts are resilient and durable when they’re properly cared for, but eventually they will need to be replaced. The time for replacing them is ultimately decided by the type of gutter system on the home, and the material it is made from. For example, if the gutters are metal, then they can typically last 20 years or longer with proper maintenance. But if the gutters are made from vinyl, then they’ll usually need replacing earlier than that.

Neglecting gutter maintenance will shorten the system’s lifespan dramatically. If your gutters continue to perform poorly despite keeping them clean, then you should have a professional inspect them because it may be time to have new gutters installed.  You should also consider a clog-free gutter system with a hood to reduce seasonal maintenance.

Need New Gutters? Contact Thompson Creek Today

Thompson Creek’s replacement gutters are durable and low maintenance. Our innovative gutter system virtually eliminates the need for seasonal gutter cleaning because it features a unique gutter hood that keeps debris out of the gutter while letting water in.

Imagine enjoying the beauty of fall without having to spend endless hours on a ladder cleaning your gutters. That’s the promise Thompson Creek’s gutter system delivers. To learn more about our gutter system or to get a free estimate for installation, contact Thompson Creek today.

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