Why Are Gutters Important?

Why Are Gutters Important?

Do I Need Gutters?

When your bowling ball consistently winds up in the gutter you might want to hang up that bowling shirt. If your business heads down the gutter you better make some changes.

But, why give gutters the blame? In fact, your home’s gutters can play an important role in protecting the overall structure of your home.

If you’re debating on whether or not gutters are worth installing, there are several factors to keep in mind that could influence this decision. Gutters perform an important function, but despite popular belief, they are not always completely necessary.


If you don’t currently have gutters and have been experiencing water damage in your home, you may need to think about installing them. The main function of rain gutters is to direct rainwater away from your house and the soil surrounding it. Even with sloping roofs, rainwater will fall off on the ground directly below your roof resulting in erosion and washing away of the soil. This causes increased strain on the foundation of your home. If this happens consistently, there is a big chance that this will lead to flooding in your basement and expensive water damage.

Homes built to code are built on an upward slope, so that rainwater will naturally flow away from your house, but over time this upward slope can be reversed through erosion due to rainfall, resulting in major damages. So it is possible that if your home was originally built without gutters, changes in the topography surrounding your home may make gutters an important element to add to your home.


Not only do they serve an important purpose in averting rainfall for structural reasons, it is also beneficial to the curb appeal of your house. If you’re the type of person who likes to plant gardens around the sides of your house, gutters are a must. Heavy rainfall falling directly from your room onto your garden beds can make it nearly impossible to maintain your plants. The effects of soil erosion could cause your garden to quite literally wash away in the rain. Waterfall runoff from your roof can damage delicate landscaping.

Home Maintenance

Rain runoff comes with a side of dirt and asphalt mixed in. You wouldn’t want to shower in it, so why would your home? Rain runoff spilling down the siding on your home often causes rotting and other damages. Your siding could begin to peel off over time and become stained from constant exposure to runoff. This isn’t a good look for your home and not to mention an expensive fix. Gutters direct this rainfall away from your home so that your siding stays safe and your home looks well kept.


No one likes extra responsibility when they don’t necessarily need it, and some homes simply don’t need a gutter system. If you live in a climate with low rainfall chances they aren’t a necessity. Here in the Mid Atlantic, in 2018 we set records for the wettest spring in 2018, according to NOAA Climate.gov. Mid Atlantic weather can be tricky to predict with summer droughts but also heavy soaking springs. Your Mid Atlantic home likely needs a gutter system to handle Mother Nature’s seasons.

Gutters need to be maintained in order to function properly. Clogged and poorly functioning gutters can prevent this. Especially in times of falling leaves and snow, you will need to constantly inspect your gutters for signs of clogging. A replacement gutter system that eliminates seasonal gutter maintenance is a hassle-free alternative.

Do I Need Gutters?

Gutters are not legally required for a home, but they can be a cost-effective tool for preventing foundation and structural damage to your home. If you are looking to replace a damaged gutter system or want a maintenance-free alternative Thompson Creek experts are available to evaluate your home’s gutter system needs and provide a free estimate to get the job done.