Why Are Window Panes Made of Glass?

Why Are Window Panes Made of Glass?

Have you ever wondered why window panes are made of glass? While we traditionally think of glass as a fragile material that’s easily broken, glass offers many benefits when it’s used properly. Sure, some window panes are made of plastic, but glass remains the best solution for window panes due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. But why are window panes made of glass? Let’s take a closer look at the history of window panes and why this material is used by many leading window replacement window companies, including Thompson Creek. 

Why Are Window Panes Made of Glass? 

A Brief History of Window Panes 

In England, before windows were made of glass, they were constructed from flattened animal horns. However, glass windows also existed during Roman Egypt, around 100 A.D. In Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Japan, paper was used for window panes. In the early 17th century, glassmaking arrived in America, and the tradition has remained.  


Glass windows have many benefits. In the Mid-Atlantic, we often experience brutally cold winters and glass helps provide better insulation inside your home. If you install double-pane glass windows, you keep warm air inside the house and cold air outside and make your home more energy-efficient. 


Another benefit of glass is that it’s sustainable. Glass is made from natural elements that exist in nature, which means you can recycle and reuse it. It’s actually 100% recyclable. 

Additional Light 

Nothing quite compares to natural sunlight beaming into your home. Especially in winter, every ray of sunshine counts. Glass allows for light to enter your home, which can be a great source of vitamin D and help your home feel larger. Are windows made of glass only to let sunshine into your home? Maybe not, but it’s definitely welcomed! 


Most homes have more than six windows, and glass is an inexpensive way to make sure that you have strong, insulated window panes. Glass is affordable because production costs are relatively inexpensive. You can also save money on your future utility bills due to the energy efficiency of glass window panes. 

Easy to Maintain 

Glass doesn’t collect dust or dirt and is easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about glass window panes warping and tearing, which is something to consider when using plastic. 

Helpful in Case of Emergency 

No one wants to think about something going wrong, but in the case of a fire or the need to escape, the ability to break glass actually turns into one of its strengths. It’s rare for a material to be both fragile yet strong at the same time, but glass manages to accomplish this.  

Why are window panes made of glass? Because they’re utilitarian and sustainable. While traditional glass windows offer protection, choosing double-pane windows or adding treatments can provide additional benefits to your home.  

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