Why Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home Starts with the Roofing Underlayment

Why Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home Starts with the Roofing Underlayment

We all have heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ and the same could be said for a roof over your head.  While choosing the perfect shingles for your home may get top billing when installing a new whole roof system, it’s what’s underneath— the roofing underlayment— that is an essential element to keeping a home healthy.

What is it?

Roof underlayment is water-resistant material installed between a roof deck and roof covering. It is primarily used to separate a roof covering from the roof deck, shed water and provide secondary weather protection for the roof area of your home. Without it properly and professionally installed you might hear a four-letter word every homeowner fears— MOLD.

Construction Project

This underlayment can be a traditional asphalt felt or a synthetic underlayment. At Thompson Creek we use synthetic underlayment for its superior protection against moisture and tearing to its felt counterpart. This helps make for a smoother installation of the synthetic roof underlayment and a better finished look of the roof.

The National Roofing Contractors Association has a full glossary of roofing terms.

Why does my whole roof system need roofing underlayment?

Thompson Creek uses a roofing system with a synthetic roof underlayment that not only protects your home from the outside elements, it makes sure you are protected by properly circulating the air you breathe and preventing the conditions that contribute to mold growing in the roof decking where you can’t see it.

A combination of quality shingles and a reliable roof underlayment allows the home’s plywood decking to breathe while protecting it from moisture damage that encourages mold growth and in return roof rot.

Strong winds, sideways rain can sneak up on a roof and without a good underlayment, moisture can sneak in. Your roof’s underlayment is that extra line of defense against the elements.

And just like it keeps moisture from getting into your roof decking, synthetic roof underlayment protects shingles from being overheated by an unventilated attic.

People Working on Roof

Your new roof by Thompson Creek, like all of Thompson Creek’s products, comes with a No-Hassle Warranty and Buyer Protection Guarantee. And that makes us all breathe easier!

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