Why Do Windows Pop

Why Do Windows Pop


The sound of windows popping is a common one heard by many homeowners, especially on warm and sunny days. The sound seems like it’s coming from the windows and in some cases can even sound as if an insect infestation might be occurring, but what is truly causing these noises?

Main Causes of Windows Popping

While insects can be one cause of unexplainable sounds, in most cases, the noise is being created by something less intrusive. Here are the four main reasons for why you might be hearing your windows making popping sounds and what you can do to fix the issue.

#1: Poorly Installed Vinyl Siding

Quite often, the sound of windows popping doesn’t have anything to do with the windows. In many situations, the sounds are caused by vinyl siding that wasn’t installed properly. When vinyl siding is installed, it shouldn’t be nailed too tightly to the side of the home. This is important because the siding needs a little space to allow it to expand and contract with the temperature fluctuations.

Vinyl siding that is nailed tight to the home won’t be able to expand when the temperature heats up, thus causing the siding to buckle; this is what is causing the popping sounds to occur. The solution to this problem is to remove the siding and re-install it properly.

#2: Improperly Installed Windows

If the popping noises really are coming from the windows, then in most situations, it’s a case of poorly or improperly installed windows. Usually, the window in question was installed out of square, plumb, or plane, thus resulting in the sides of the frames bending inward and putting pressure on the sashes. The only way to fix this problem is to remove the windows and to re-install them properly.

#3: Aluminum-Clad Windows

Aluminum is a material that can heat up quickly, so aluminum-clad windows will usually expand and contract faster than windows made from other materials during fast-occurring heating and cooling cycles. This rapid expansion and contraction will almost always result in the windows popping. Because the noises are caused by the material used in the window’s construction, there isn’t anything that can be done about the sounds other than replacing the aluminum-clad windows with vinyl or wood windows.

#4: Low-E Glass Windows and Aluminum Siding

Another common cause of windows popping involves having windows with Low-E glass on a home with aluminum siding. In this situation, the Low-E glass reflects the sun’s rays, which quickly causes the aluminum siding to heat up and expand. The resulting expansion (and contraction when the day starts to cool off) will cause the popping sounds to occur. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the aluminum siding with vinyl siding or to shade the affected window, so it doesn’t cause the siding to heat up as rapidly.

Have Your Windows Inspected by Thompson Creek

If you want to find out why your windows are popping and fix the problem, Thompson Creek can help. We can come to your home and inspect your windows and siding, and help you determine what the best course of action will be. We custom-fabricate all our windows and siding products, so you’re guaranteed the best quality materials, craftsmanship and installation, and you have the peace of mind knowing that your new windows or siding was made specifically for your home.

If you want to schedule a window or siding inspection, or you’re ready to have replacement windows or vinyl siding installed, contact Thompson Creek today for a free estimate.