Top Five Window Design Trends & Ideas

Top Five Window Design Trends & Ideas

If you’re contemplating a window update, there are plenty of window design ideas to brighten up your space and provide an attractive visual contrast to interior and exterior walls. Consider these top five home window trends (and one fun bonus idea) when you’re ready to renovate or replace your existing windows. 

1. Black Windows and Frames 

Create a distinct contrast with windows sporting black frames and grids. Black trim delivers a sleek, dramatic look, and the distinct framing commands attention instead of blending into the background. You can emphasize the effect by eschewing curtains or other window treatments. 

You might also consider a home window design that incorporates colorful trim in a custom shade.  

2. Curves and Arches 

Arched, circular, and geometric windows add visual interest to contemporary and traditional homes. These window designs often evoke elements of classic architecture, so you can use them to bring a hint of ancient Greece to your master bedroom or a tall ship aesthetic to your guest bathroom. 

Small round windows are ideal for a smaller space where you want extra visual impact, while larger arched windows make a dramatic statement on the front of your home. Custom windows can be designed in almost any shape and size, making it easy to get a personalized look. 

3. Modern Easy-Open Window Designs 

Maximize the contemporary appeal of your home with modern window designs that offer on-trend aesthetics and must-have convenience. Windows with hinges swing outward to improve air circulation without compromising energy efficiency. 

There are two main types of hinged windows. Awning windows open at the top to allow air in while keeping rain at bay, and casement windows open at the side for expansive open-air access to the outdoors. Both awning and casement windows provide extra airflow and bring a hint of nature into everyday indoor living. 

4. Combination Windows 

Mixing and matching different window shapes can give your home a unique, personalized look. Tall rectangular windows topped with square windows create an elegant aesthetic, while combining different window sizes in a mosaic pattern adds extra charm to contemporary architecture. Experiment with various window combination ideas to make a window wall that reflects your personality. 

5. Energy-Efficient Window Options 

Sure, energy-efficient windows help reduce electricity costs, but they also provide plenty of other benefits for modern homeowners. The noise-reduction properties of double or triple pane windows help keep your home feeling calm and restful, while the improved insulation abilities of an energy-efficient window reduce condensation on the interior window surface. Energy-efficient windows typically require less maintenance, too. 

Bonus Idea for Big Window Lovers 

If your idea of an ideal home involves lots of sunshine and expansive views, you might want to install a window wall in your living room, den, or master bedroom. Use wall-to-wall windows or ceiling-to-ceiling windows to open up an entire side of one room to nature and get a front-row seat to the gorgeous seasonal changes occurring right in your backyard.  

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