Windows to Increase Natural Light

Windows to Increase Natural Light

Gloomy rooms can be an instant mood-crusher and energy-zapper, while rooms swathed in natural light can help homeowners feel more upbeat and positive. Large well-positioned windows are often the answer, although homes may not have the ideal window structure to maximize flow of the sun’s rays into rooms. Keep reading to discover the top types of windows for natural light throughout your home.  

Benefits of Natural Light 

Natural light has many psychological and physiological benefits, including boosting productivity and mood, improving the circadian rhythm, and reducing eye strain. Research indicates that natural lighting can also: 

  • Increase energy levels 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Promote calm 
  • Decrease seasonal depression 
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Improve the immune system 
  • Enhance sleep quality 

Benefits aren’t only for people, your furry friends and plants can reap the positives of improved lighting too. 

Installing the best windows for natural light can reduce the need to use artificial lighting in your home, which can save energy and cut costs. You’ll see even greater savings if your windows are energy efficient. More light typically enhances the appearance of your home, and good use of windows for natural light can improve curb appeal and increase the value of your property.    

Best Windows for Natural Light 

Windows are designed to meet different needs, including increasing light or airflow. Any type of external window will increase the amount of light; even a small well-placed hopper window can lighten a dark corner. However, some windows are much better than others for maximizing natural light.   

Picture Window 

Picture windows, sometimes referred to as fixed windows, do what the name suggests: they provide an opening to view the outside world as a picture. Available in large sizes, a picture window features an uninterrupted pane of glass, which allows light to flood into a room. If you want airflow as well, why not consider a striking feature picture window combined with smaller opening windows elsewhere in the room?   

Sliding Window 

Sliding windows have the benefit of increasing ventilation as well as natural light. The side-by-side setup is particularly great if you’re looking to enhance the light in a smaller space. Easy to use, sliding windows provide increased light whether open or closed, and you can choose the amount of airflow required at any given time.   

Bay Window 

Classic and elegant, a bay window combines the best of both worlds, with a large central pane that doesn’t open along with operable side windows for ventilation and cooling. The outwardly projecting design also adds space to a room, and many homeowners create window seats in the alcove from where they can admire the views outside. The angled nature of bay windows also means that they can capture light from different angles, thus increasing the light inside as the sun changes position throughout the day.   

Bow Window 

Similar to bay windows, bow windows combine fixed panels, which allows your windows to open for maximum light and ventilation. The windows curve seamlessly and have four or more pieces of glass. 

Look Forward to Brighter Days 

Are you hoping to reap the benefits of increased natural light in your home? A combination of window styles or having custom windows might be the best option for your home.  

Start your journey towards brighter days, and contact Thompson Creek. Our experts are ready to discuss the best windows for your house and provide you with a free estimate.