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Factory Representative

Jumpstart your career with Thompson Creek

If you are looking for a job where you can take control of your future and can count on the company you work for to provide you with the tools you need to succeed, we've got an opportunity for you

What does a Factory Representative do?

The position focuses of three key functions: relationship building, sales, and your own professional development. Your day to day responsibilities will revolve around:

  • Developing genuine relationships with current customers for continuing business
  • Identifying problems they may have that we can help solve
  • Delivering sales presentations to prospective customers
  • Engaging in continuing training to sharpen your presentation skills and product knowledge. 
  • Ample opportunities for advancement. Our top 25% of factory reps earn $150,000.00 on average, and our top 10% of reps earn well above $200,000.00 per year. 
  • Our average new hire in this position earns $75,000.00 in their first year.

The right person for this position is: 

  • A highly motivated self-starter and problem solver who is “all in”. 
  • Has strong communication skills and loves making new connections with people.
  • Has high ethical and personal standards with high emotional intelligence. We take our reputation seriously.
  • Thrives without someone looking over your shoulder every minute of the day.
  • Is highly competitive and driven to learn and succeed.

If you have over 2 years of sales experience, choose our Senior Level position. If you have less than 2 years of sales experience, check out our Entry Level position.


Thompson Creek offers a highly competitive compensation package that combines great benefits with tons of contests, bonuses, perks, trips and more. The factory representative compensation plan start with a base salary plus a modest commission during and immediately after training, and then converts to a much more robust commission plan.. 

We’ll give you the tools and support you need to thrive. You bring your commitment, drive, intelligence, and desire to grow in an amazing team. 

Are you better than “just average?” If so, apply today

Who is Thompson Creek?

Thompson Creek is a well-established and respected residential remodeling firm that operates its own factory right here in Maryland. You will not be cold-calling nor will we ever ask you to engage in some shady multi-level marketing scheme. This is a real full time job, with a great team, supportive managers, qualified leads, a fantastic company culture and high-quality products backed by an industry-leading warranty you will see us honor every day. We are also a pretty close-knit family and you will often see members of different teams grabbing lunch, drinks, playing ping-pong and hanging out on our annual full company fishing trip, Fish-A-Palooza. 

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