Advantages of Slider Windows

Advantages of Slider Windows

Slider windows are windows that open by sliding one or more panes horizontally along the window frame. Because they operate like a sliding glass door, they are often called sliding windows, and like the door, this type of window is a popular choice for those who want to enjoy larger, unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Advantages of Slider Windows

But the truth is, there are several advantages of slider windows. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to have one or more installed on your home.

Slider Windows Are Easily Customized

While the standard slider window is comprised of two panes, this type of window can be easily customized to meet any homeowner’s need or structural limitations. For example, if you are replacing a large picture window, you can go with a 3-lite sliding window, where the middle pane is a large fixed window flanked by slider windows on either side. This allows for the same amount of light to enter, but it further offers the advantage of having the flexibility to open the sliders on pleasant days to let fresh air in.

Slider Windows Are Suitable for Just About Any Home Style

Not every type of window is an ideal fit for every type of home, but slider windows are one of the few that can complement just about any architectural style. In fact, they’re very popular additions on everything from mid-century modern homes and ranches to colonials and even art deco homes. The reason for this is because slider windows have a contemporary look that can easily blend in with most home aesthetics.

Slider Windows Brighten a Room

One of the most popular features of slider windows is the fact that they are minimally built, so there aren’t many things getting in the way of your view or blocking natural light from entering the room. On a standard 2-lite sliding window, there’s only one thin bar that runs down the center of the window.

Thompson Creek Can Custom-Make Slider Windows for Your Home

When you’re having replacement windows installed, the fit is everything. Your new windows need to fit perfectly to provide your home with the highest level of energy efficiency and comfort. At Thompson Creek, we manufacture every window we install in-house, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit with every window we make and install on your home. Every phase of the installation is handled by our expert installers, from taking the measurements to finishing the installation.

Thompson Creek offers a wide range of windows and materials to choose from and everything is backed by our no-hassle warranty, so you can buy with complete confidence. To learn more about our replacement slider windows or to get a free estimate for custom installation, contact us today.