Casement Window Pricing

Casement Window Pricing

You’ve decided on a casement window for your home, but just how much will one cost? Here’s a guide to estimate the casement window cost for your project.


What Is The Average Casement Window Cost?


Casement windows are a popular choice for homeowners looking to add an unobstructed view to their home. They can be paired with an architectural window because they can come in many different sizes and they are ideal for areas that need ventilation such as a kitchen or bathroom.


Functionally, casement windows are operated by side hinges that attach to the frame and can be opened either into the home or toward the exterior with a turn of the crank handle.


The cost of a casement window can vary depending on the quality of the window, size of the window and installation and material costs. Also in play is whether this is a new or a replacement casement window.


Casement Window Price Ranges:


  • Home improvement stores have casement window pricing starting at about $375 for a 22-inch square casement window. Installation is either DIY or an additional fee paid to a contractor.
  • Professional window companies charge from about $1000 to $2,000 per installed casement window. Window materials and labor will vary by company.
  • On average, casement windows cost more than double a comparable double-hung window or slider window.


Casement Window Price Factors


Much like other home improvement projects quality and installation are big price drivers. Here are some factors that will impact your casement window cost.


  • Materials

In the case of casement windows materials will also impact price. Vinyl windows prove to be the most cost effective. Wood casement windows bumps up the cost of installation considerably. Casement windows can also come in steel, fiberglass and aluminum.


  • Size

Standard casement windows sizes range from 1 foot 8 inches to 2 feet, 8 inches wide and from 4 foot, 2 inches to 6 foot 6 inches in height. Custom sizes will increase the cost to produce and install the casement window.


  • Installation

The labor involved in replacing a window is much less than the labor to cut walls for new ones. Proper installation is important to the overall effectiveness and energy efficiency of the window. Paying a professional to install may increase the cost up front but save repair costs in the long run if improperly fitted.


How to Get the Best Casement Window Pricing


  • Do your research to make sur that the company quoting you to do the work is reputable.. Require the window professional to produce a license and insurance to do the work.
  • Make sure the contractor makes a visit to your home or virtually inspects the project location. That is the best way to make sure the project doesn’t require change orders that can increase the price.
  • Take advantage of timing. Choose late fall or early winter for a job that has flexibility. This might help get the best price during a traditionally slower home improvement season.
  • Determine if a casement window is the right window for the location you are choosing. Your window professional can help advice the best window based on your home’s layout and exterior.
  • Wrap multiple window replacements into one project. Often times window professionals will offer a deal on a multiple window replacement project.


Casement windows offer the ability to catch that breeze taking advantage of its outward opening performance. And, casement windows are built to operate with single-lever or tandem latches. They are also easily fitted for automatic openers for optimal ease of operability.


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