How Much Do Custom Windows Cost?

How Much Do Custom Windows Cost?

Windows are a practical and aesthetically valuable part of any home. They can increase curb appeal as well as efficiency and enjoyment inside your space, and custom windows put you in control of these benefits. But how much do custom windows cost, and can you afford to make this investment in your home?

What Impacts the Cost of Custom Windows?

The cost of custom windows varies depending on a number of factors. Obviously, the bigger your home—and the more windows it has—the pricier a whole-house custom window job might be. Some other factors that can impact custom window costs include:

  • Materials. The difference in the cost of windows made of vinyl, wood, fiberglass or aluminum can be hundreds of dollars in either direction. When you consider what type of custom window you want, look at the cost change related to the material as well as what future expenses the material might create. Composite or vinyl window frames are durable and never need painting, for example, but wood frames can require maintenance.
  • Window type. The type of window you want plays a huge role in pricing. Bay windows are typically more expensive than small, single-hung windows, for example. Window options can include single- or double-hung, picture, casement, folding or sliding and bay, among many others.
  • Number of stories on your home. If you want custom windows installed on second or third stories, service providers might need to construct scaffolding or use ladders. Either way, the extra care and up-and-down involved in the process draws out labor time, which can increase your cost.
  • Installation challenges that might increase labor costs. The height of your home isn’t the only factor in determining labor costs. Anything that increases the time the provider spends on your site can drive up costs. That includes the need to repair areas near the window, the addition of optional exterior decorative elements such as shutters or awnings and the need to resize a window opening to fit your custom choices.
  • How much your provider charges for labor. Window installation companies might charge per hour or a flat fee to cover the total cost of installing your windows. The flat fee is typically calculated based on the provider’s best estimates of the time it will take to complete the job. Hourly costs are totaled up at the end of the job, and if the provider ran into a challenge during the installation, they could be more than first expected.

Factors That Help Mitigate the Cost of Custom Windows

When you’re considering the cost of customer windows, remember to factor in anything that might mitigate your original cost. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy notes that installing certain types of windows can reduce heating and cooling bills.’s estimates are that:

  • Low-e storm windows can reduce costs by 12 to 33% annually
  • Weatherstrip double-hung windows can reduce costs by 5 to 10% annually

Actual savings depends on other factors, including how you manage your utility use and the average temperatures for each season, which can vary over time. The U.S. Department of Energy also points out that you’re more likely to experience these savings when your custom windows are installed properly by a professional.

Get an Estimate Today for Your Custom Windows Project

To answer the question, “how much do custom windows cost for your home?” you typically need to get an estimate. During the estimate process, a professional window installation service considers your goals and preferences for custom windows as well as factors about your home that might impact the job. That lets them provide an estimated cost range for you to consider.

You can start the process of getting an estimate with Thompson Creek Window Company by clicking here. You can also call us at (240) 623-5572 for a virtual consult and to start an estimate for your home improvement project.

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