4 Factors That Affect Picture Window Cost In Silver Spring, MD

4 Factors That Affect Picture Window Cost In Silver Spring, MD

Determine How Affordable
Picture Windows Can Be

Gorgeous arching picture windows that frame your view can come at a price. However, the picture windows of today are more affordable than many people imagine when you factor in the warranty they may come with.

If you are serious about installing a picture window in your Maryland home, you need to know the four factors affecting the cost of picture windows in Silver Spring, MD. If you are still on the fence about installing a picture window, we have the answer that may tilt you towards saying yes to this type of window.

Why Install Large Picture Windows In
Your Silver Spring, MD Home?

Some windows provide airflow, ventilation, and even emergency egress. But picture windows are simply a window to the outdoors that do not open. These windows are architectural in nature and allow you to take in the beautiful scenery around you.

But why are people budgeting for expansive windows like these in their homes? For one, these windows allow tons of natural light to enter a room. And everyone loves natural light!

Picture windows can make a small room appear more significant. The key to making the room appear larger is ensuring the window is sized to take up most of the wall.

Enhancing your view with picture windows is relatively easy when nature is outside your home. However, to ensure you do not lose the ability to allow fresh air into the house, consider putting casement windows on either side or even small double-hung windows, which can open easily.

How Much Do Picture Windows Cost?

Nationally, the average cost for a picture window installation is about $1,000. That estimate can, however, be as low as $400 or double the average price range if you add components like curved glass, low E-coating, and reinforced safety glass.

What Affects Picture Window Prices?

Several factors affect large window prices, as there are a lot of moving parts to removing an old window and replacing it.

1. Size

Picture windows are commonly stocked in standard-sized 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8-foot widths and heights ranging from 1 to 8 feet. Most are rectangular or square in dimension.

The larger the size, the more expensive the window is due to the weight of the glass and the additional size of the frame to handle the load. Custom sizes are possible but will cost more to design, build, and install.

2. Material

Picture windows, like most windows, are constructed from various materials. Vinyl windows are more affordable than fiberglass, metal, or wood.

In addition, vinyl windows are known for lasting longer, being easier to clean, and looking great with any style of home. We only deal with vinyl picture windows at Thompson Creek Window Company, as we trust the lifespan these windows offer.

3. Removal

Removing an old picture window is often why prices vary when choosing one of these large windows for your home. Remember, they have to be handled with great care and due to their size, can be rather challenging to remove. Thus, the overall price of a large window should include the labor costs of removal.

4. Glass

Because the beauty of a picture window is its size, it is essential to choose energy-efficient glass with low-E coating or even double or triple-panes. Other glass choices, such as obscure or tempered glass, will affect your total price.

Choosing a Picture Window for Your Home

Once you decide that a picture window is perfect for your home, you will not be sorry that you did. The beauty they can bring into your home is unsurpassed by any other window. But how do you choose a window of this size for your home?

If you already have a picture window in your home, then half the work is done for you. You have a location and rough size of what you can do. Remember, those who opt for custom windows will find they can go as small or as large as they want since the window professional can make it work.</p.

If you do not have a picture window already in place, then determine where it would be most needed. Many people opt to have them placed in family rooms. However, a new trend has been placing these in home offices so you can work and still see a fantastic view!

Next, determine your budget as to what you can spend. Remember, upgrading to picture windows in your home can be an investment, so you should consider financing the window with the window installer. You can get the look you want now while repaying it later.</p.

Look at the installer’s various window options, including glass, material, sizes, designs, window brands, and the like. Choose what works best with the style of your home while also being something you love!

Get Your Silver Spring, MD Picture Window
Costs From Thompson Creek

If you are ready to have a picture window in your Silver Spring, MD home, it is time to investigate picture window costs. Thompson Creek is more than happy to discuss your options, including financing and estimating picture window expenses for your individual situation.

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