Picture Window Pricing

Picture Window Pricing

Gorgeous arching picture windows that frame your view can come at a price. When choosing to install a picture window in your home check out this guide on what can affect your picture window price.


Why Install a Picture Window?


Some windows provide airflow, ventilation and even emergency egress. But picture windows are simply put- a window to the outdoors. Picture windows are architectural in nature and your window to nature.


Picture windows can bring light into a room, highlight a view or make your room feel more expansive. They can’t be opened and they traditionally don’t have grids or sills or anything to disrupt the view.


Picture windows can help to make a smaller room appear to be larger. Size your picture window large enough to cover a majority section of the wall.


Position your picture window so it highlights an outdoor feature such as a skyline or a garden.


Group your picture window with casement windows on either side as an architectural element or incorporate a series of picture windows to create a dramatic look.


How Much Do Picture Windows Cost?


Nationally the average for a picture window installation is about $1,000. That estimate can however be as low as $400 or double the average if you add components like curved glass, low E-coating and reinforced safety glass.


What Affects Picture Window Prices?


  1. Size

Picture windows are commonly stocked in standard 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 feet widths and in heights ranging from 1 to 8 feet. Most are rectangular or square in dimension. The larger the size the more expensive the window due to the weight of the glass and the additional size of the frame to handle the load. Custom sizes are possible but will cost more to design, build and install.


  1. Material
Material Pros Cons
Vinyl Most Affordable

Easiest to Install

Low Maintenance

Difficult to paint

Lower-end vinyl can soften and warp

Poor installation can allow for water penetration

Aluminum Lightweight


Limited customization

Poor energy efficiency


Fiberglass Thin framing

Excellent noise and energy insulation

Long lifecycle


Difficult to install


Seal Failure

Wood Traditional product

Classic styling

Variety of colors and finishes



Hard to maintain

Susceptible to rotting and insect

Picture windows like most windows, are constructed out of a variety of materials. Vinyl windows are the most affordable material with wood-framed windows coming in on the high end.


  1. Removal

When getting a picture window price for your project take a look if removing the old window is included in the quote.


  1. Glass

Because the beauty of a picture window is its size, it is important to choose an energy-efficient glass with low-E coating, or even double or triple panes. Other glass choices such as obscure or tempered glass will affect the price.


Choosing a Picture Window for Your Home


Windows have many different purposes in a home. Check out this list of different types of windows to determine if a picture window is in the picture for your home. Still not sure? Call on our Thompson Creek Window experts to help you through the design decision.

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