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Customizable Window Features

Window Options

  • Thompson Creek exterior color options for windows Thompson Creek offers an array of popular, neutral exterior color options to complement your home and personal style. As shown in the image at right, these colors include: Black, Bronze, Cream, Brown, White, and Wicker, among others. We are also excited to offer a custom color option, with the ability to match most colors in the Sherwin Williams catalog.
  • When it comes to choosing your window capping color, there are many aesthetic options to consider. If you prefer trim that “blends in,” consider a shade that closely matches the color of your home. Looking for a clean, modern contrast? Consider white, cream, or wicker trim for dark-colored homes, or black, bronze, or brown for light-colored homes. Some of our personal favorite color combinations include white trim against dark gray or navy siding, and bronze trim for brick-front homes.
  • As for our custom colors, the sky is the limit! You can closely match the color of your home’s exterior for a seamless effect, or go for opposite ends of the color wheel for high-impact contrast. Some homeowners even opt for the same color as their home’s exterior in a lighter or darker shade, which can lend an unexpectedly chic, modern, ombré vibe. Think burgundy siding with pale pink trim, or lavender siding with rich purple trim.
  • For the interior window trim, we offer your choice of two styles – Modern or Colonial. Our crisp Modern window trim features clean lines and 90 degree angles, while our Colonial window trim features elegant curves that give a nod to classic woodworking.

Window Grid Types & Patterns

Thompson Creek offers 3 types of window grids and 3 specialty grid patterns to perfectly complement your custom replacement windows…


  • Window customization options graphicOur flat window grids are installed between the window glass layers, offering a sleek, perfectly partitioned look that’s oh-so-easy to clean.
  • Our contoured window grids are also installed between the glass layers, but trade sleekness for curves with a colonial feel.
  • Our SDL window grids – or simulated divided-lite grids – feature grids on the interior and exterior of the glass. These are designed to provide a look and feel reminiscent of older windows that were historically crafted from multiple small glass panes.
  • Once you’ve chosen your grid type, the full visual impact will be realized through the grid pattern you opt for, with choices including: French, Prairie, and Colonial.

Custom Window Screens

We understand the frustration of not being able to fully enjoy your custom size windows because you’ve not been able to find the right screen, and aren’t excited by the idea of welcoming every mosquito in the neighborhood into your home! Enter a modern, flexible window screen solution.

Thompson Creek is excited to offer revolutionary flexible screens in full and half sizes. These unique screens effortlessly compress for easy installation, expanding to fit the frame once set in place. If you want the ability to partially open both window sashes for better circulation, we recommend opting for a full size screen. If you prefer a completely unobstructed view from one pane, or typically only open the top or bottom sash, our half-screens will suit your needs perfectly.

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Custom Bay Window

Custom bay windows like the design shown here flood your home with light, and can help brighten your whole space, particularly if you have a long, narrow home, or open floor plan. For this particular home’s open layout, the light provided extends across the living room, kitchen, and beyond. With the two side casement window sashes being operable, the homeowner can open those at one end, and the doors at the opposite end of the home, to refresh the air quickly and effectively with perfect cross-ventilation.

Custom Bow Window

This five-panel custom bow window design added even more intrigue, and tons of natural light, to an already-gorgeous home. Because all of Thompson Creek’s windows are crafted with UV-reflecting energy efficient glass, you don’t have to worry about the sun prematurely fading your furniture. This can be an especially important consideration for those who plan to take the utmost advantage of the light and unparalleled view their custom bow window offers by ensuring a front-row seat with a perfectly-placed couch or chair. As you can see, a cozy, pillow-packed sofa bathed in warm light from a bow window practically guarantees the best reading or afternoon snooze spot!

Custom Double Hung Windows with Half Circle Window

This custom window design provides ample light, ventilation, elevated design aesthetics, and a breathtaking view – talk about a multitasker! By combining complementary window shapes in 3 different sizes, we were able to provide the homeowner with the best of all worlds, no need for compromise. While this custom window layout bears some similarities to a bay window, all windows are flush with the home. Additionally, while a bay window’s center picture window is stationary, this design features just one fixed window – the half circle window at top center. The 6 double hung windows – 4 smaller sized, and 2 oversized – can be opened for a breath of fresh air, or to easily clean.

Custom Quarter Arch Window

This elaborate custom window layout features an array of complementary window shapes for a high-impact design that adds elegance and ample natural light. The lines of the tall arch window are reflected in the quarter arch windows at each side, lending a stately Victorian look and feel.

Custom Garden Window

This charming custom garden window design adds beauty, light, and of course, an ideal location for the homeowners’ flowers to catch some rays! The side panel windows are hinged to enjoy warm breezes, and allow cross-ventilation for “refreshing the air” in your home. Because the window extends from the home, the shelf doesn’t take up any existing interior space, and helps make the room feel larger and more open.

Custom Casement Window

This custom casement window system is at once elegant and practical, offering the look of a fixed specialty window when closed, and all the fresh air and refreshing breezes you could wish for when opened. Two separate, extended quarter round sashes attach with hinges at the center, and can be opened using an easy-to-operate crank. Because these windows open away from the home, they don’t take up valuable space, with their crank operation making them ideal for hard-to-reach spots.

Custom Circle Top Window with Extended Legs

Our circle top window reaches new heights with extended legs that add aesthetic impact, and generous natural lighting. The custom grid pattern mirrors the lines and curves of the window perfectly, with the exterior frame color complementing the brick and mortar. Old world charm meets modern technology for a window that looks like it was pulled from the pages of a storybook, but is built to be energy-efficient, and ready to withstand all the elements a Mid-Atlantic climate delivers.

Custom Eyebrow Window with Extended Legs

This custom window design takes advantage of the subtle curvature an eyebrow window offers, with extended legs providing additional height for added aesthetic impact and light. Eyebrow windows are a popular choice for adding light to third floor rooms or attics, with their name being reflective of their shape. Their placement on the “face” of your home is often in an eyebrow position as well.

Custom Sliding Windows

This homeowner wanted a wide, unobstructed view of the natural beauty right outside their home, and this custom window installation provided the breathtaking view they were after. The large slider windows offer almost as much light as a picture window, but can be easily opened to let the fresh air flow, or share the music played on the piano with anyone who may be fortunate enough to pass by!

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The Importance and Benefits of Custom Replacement Windows

“Measure twice, cut once.” 

We have all had countless experiences in our lives where we had to make some minor – or major – adjustments for things to work as intended. Perhaps you solved for a wobbly table with a book, or stopped a small snag in your tights with a dab of clear nail polish. These are fixes that “get the job done,” but don’t provide the same level of performance as a table with perfectly even legs, or a pair of tights with nary a snag or run. In short, while they get the job done, they don’t get the job done as well as it could be. And at Thompson Creek, we feel much the same way about mass-produced windows.

When working with standard size replacement windows, additional carpentry is often necessary to ensure a secure fit. While custom replacement windows are crafted to fit your window opening precisely, mass-produced windows will require that you get the closest size possible. Even in instances where the difference is just fractions of an inch, modifications and accommodations will have to be made to make up, or “fill the difference.” This is often accomplished through the use of insulation, flashing, and/or window shims, among other possible materials.

More than simply filling a void, window shims apply pressure to a window, and it can be difficult to know when you’ve literally pushed too far. Even when installed perfectly, shims are unable to accomplish the same level of energy-efficiency as custom size windows, and can result in drafty, rattling windows over time.

At Thompson Creek, all of our windows are customized for your home, and the Mid-Atlantic climate. They are built to precise specifications that can’t be found on any shelf – made-to-order, start to finish. No shims or fillers means less opportunity…

  • Less opportunity for energy loss due to air escaping, or drafts creeping in
  • Less opportunity for water damage
  • Less opportunity for damaged, “sticky” or broken windows due to uneven pressure

Specialty Windows Shape the Look and Feel of Your Home

While the primary functions of most windows include providing ventilation for your house, and supplying natural light, their shape and design can also have a monumental impact on the overall look and feel of your home. While many people use the phrases “custom windows” and “specialty windows” interchangeably, for the sake of explaining how they can be different, we will consider them two different things.
Round custom window on brick wall

  • Every window from Thompson Creek is custom designed to fit your home, with our most popular custom windows being our energy-efficient double hung windows.
  • While all of our specialty windows are custom, not all of our custom windows are specialty.
  • Specialty windows are typically fixed windows that are chosen to provide additional light in areas without full-size windows, such as toward the top of a staircase.
  • They are also often included in a multi-window type design, such as eyebrow or elliptical windows above a door, providing additional light and an elegant aesthetic.
  • When it comes to specialty windows designed for above-door placement at the front of the house, when the interior layout allows, many homeowners will choose a complementary window and lighting combination, providing incredible curb appeal that highlights interior architecture, and elegant chandeliers or similar lighting fixtures.

Not just for placement above doorways or in staircases, specialty windows can be included just about anywhere! Even if you won’t be replacing any of your existing windows, consider what specialty window styles you might like should you decide to do future home repairs. Many homeowners take advantage of opportunities like these to add some design elements they’ve always wanted, “as long as we’re replacing the siding anyway!”

Custom Made Windows – Popular Styles to Consider

Custom Picture Windows
Does your home have a view – or potential view – that no painting could ever match? Frame the beauty right outside your door with a custom picture window. As its name implies, a picture window provides a large, clear, unobscured view. While many homeowners opt for picture windows even when their “view” is the house across the street, they are especially impactful when overlooking natural, open spaces or backyards.

No matter the view itself that custom picture windows provide, they are essential for homeowners who crave natural light. With a large enough picture window in a room, you may not need any artificial light at all during the day, which can be great for your energy bill, as well as your mood. Many people become fatigued or irritated by excessive exposure to certain types of artificial light, but natural light provides a warmth to your space that can’t be matched.

Custom Sliding Windows
While double-hung windows move up and down to open and close, slider windows move side to side. Much like the “Cha-Cha Slide” we’re all so familiar with from wedding receptions, sliding windows can “slide to the left, slide to the right,” and yes – even “criss cross” – meaning you can open each halfway, commonly done to help increase ventilation in a room.

While many homeowners opt for custom sliding windows simply because they like the look of the design, and the enhanced view they bring, for others it is a case of ease-of-operation, and low-maintenance. Double-hung windows can be difficult for people with limited strength, dexterity, or reach to operate, including the elderly. Sliding windows have a less complex design that makes them simultaneously durable and easy to move. In fact, among the only disadvantages to consider with sliding windows is that it is more difficult to clean their exterior than double-hung windows, which can be lowered and tilted in for easy cleaning. Additionally, if you rely on window air conditioners to cool your home, you will likely require a different style of air conditioner than those you currently own.

Custom Basement Windows
While we can’t overstate the importance for a flawless fit in all window designs, it is perhaps most essential when it comes to basement windows, and most quickly apparent when it hasn’t been accomplished. Though the size, shape, and function of basement windows can vary quite a bit from home to home, there are a few considerations that apply to the majority of custom basement window installations we’ve performed:

  • Because the windows are easily accessible at ground level, secure latches are essential to keeping intruders out.
  • Due to their location, they must be able to maintain a leak-proof barrier against rain and snow, even when it is pressing or beating directly against the window.
  • If you have a finished basement, or basement that otherwise contains habitable space, there are legal safety standards instituted by the International Code Council that have to be met for windows to qualify as egress windows.
  • Egress windows are windows whose size and design are such that they can be used as a means of exiting a home, a concern in the event of a fire or other emergency. While not all basement windows are egress windows, safety codes require that habitable basements contain them.

With the safety of your family and your home itself literally hinging on your basement windows, it’s easy to understand why an expert installation is a priceless investment.

Custom Bay Windows
This window system is created with 3 window panels – a large center picture window, and two smaller casement windows on each side. Bay windows extend out from your home, adding a bit more interior space in comparison to a similar window design, the bow window. While the choice between bow and bay windows ultimately comes down to the homeowner’s preference, typically bow windows are favored for more traditional or Victorian-style homes, while bay windows lean a bit more modern.

While having a precise fit for all custom window systems is essential, the importance is perhaps amplified by the design of bay windows. In addition to requiring that 3 distinct panels fit together perfectly, expert craftsmanship and installation is essential to ensuring all components of these windows are structurally sound. As bay window styles jut away from the house, they have increased exposure to the elements in comparison to a flush window.

Custom Casement Windows
Casement windows can be used in a standalone style, paired with another casement window in a shared frame, or included as the two smaller side windows in a bay window design. This style is hinged on one side, and swivels out and away from your home with an easy-to-operate crank. This makes them ideal for locations where reaching the window to open and close it would otherwise be difficult, including basement windows, bathroom windows, and above-the-sink kitchen windows.

Similar to sliding windows, casement windows are a popular choice of seniors with strength or dexterity limitations as they are very easy to open, close, and lock securely. If you are installing custom replacement windows to prepare your house to hit the market, this can be a consideration to make if you live in an area with a large elderly population, or simply want to ensure your home appeals to the wants and needs of as many buyers as possible.

Thompson Creek’s custom casement windows are crafted using our most energy-efficient glass package, offering energy savings on top of timeless form and function.

Custom Window Process – From Ideas to Installation

At Thompson Creek, we make the custom made window process as easy as 1, 2, 3! Our designers, builders, and installers are all part of the same greater team, so we don’t run into the same hiccups as some other window companies. If any questions present themselves at any point in the process, we are able to quickly and easily communicate with one another, with no time wasted waiting for an outside party to reply. That means less chance of any delays in your project timeline, as well as less chance of error due to “too many cooks in the kitchen.”

Inspiration Meets Consultation

Whether you aren’t sure where to begin, or you have so many ideas swirling that you need help wrangling them all, the Thompson Creek team will help inform and guide you through all the considerations to make in designing the perfect custom size windows for your home.

Custom Made Window Creation

With all design decisions made, and measurements taken, your custom window project moves into the production phase. Our expert window builders ensure every element is perfect before it’s given the stamp of approval, including the customization options you chose, and the measurements.

Professional Window Installation

Once your custom built windows are complete, and have passed our rigorous quality testing, most homeowner’s favorite step of all is here – installation day! Our team will work to minimize disruption, respecting your home and your space, and cleaning up before departing so you can enjoy your new custom windows.

As we’ve explored, the window world is truly your oyster, with custom sizes, shapes, trims, grids, color options, and more at your fingertips. We look forward to working together to craft the ideal custom replacement windows for your home, with no compromise on quality, design, or enduring everyday enjoyment.

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