Dormer Windows for Your Home

Dormer Windows for Your Home

Dormers are a great way to bring natural light and more living space into your home. For minimal cost, dormers can add curb appeal and functionality to a space that might be otherwise unusable.

Take a look at some of the dormer windows that might work for your home.

Gable Dormer Windows

One of the most common dormers is the gabled dormer which appears much like a mini house. Two sides of this type of dormer make up the roof of the dormer and the third side is where a window is inset. These are great options for homes in areas with wet climates because they easily distribute rooftop water runoff.

These dormers will mostly use a picture window or one that is non-functional. Some gable dormer windows may be designed to allow for a double-hung window or a combination of window types.

Shed Dormers Windows

Shed dormers have a more forward-sloping, flat roof with two side walls and a window in the front. They are often used on Craftsman-style homes. Shed dormers provide more options when it comes to selecting windows. Because shed dormers are usually wider than traditional gable dormers, you can combine multiple windows into one dormer. Typically these shed windows incorporate casement windows and double-hung windows.

Eyebrow Dormer Windows

Eyebrow dormers can be aptly named for the curved structure of the actual dormers or the use of a curved window inside a traditional gable window. Eyebrow dormers add function but also a bit of architectural individuality to a home.

It is most common to have a curved or some other type of architectural window incorporated into an eyebrow dormer. The window’s function is specific to generating architectural interest and allowing light, so most often an eyebrow dormer window is non-functional.

Hip Roof Dormer

This dormer consists of three converging roof sides which help provide stability and protection against extreme weather. Its structure, however, limits the amount of usable space created by a dormer.

Hip roof dormers can incorporate functional windows so a double-hung window is often the best choice.

Adding a Dormer Window to Your Home

Dormers are great low-cost additions that add natural light and functionality to attic spaces. Dormers also provide architectural interest to your home’s façade and curbside appeal. Our experts at Thompson Creek can help select the perfect window to complete the project. Making sure your dormer window is energy-efficient and expertly installed is just as important as determine which dormer is right for your home. Call us today, we can help.