What Are The Different Entry Door Styles?

What Are The Different Entry Door Styles?

An inviting front door is one of the most welcoming parts of a home. There are a variety of entry door styles from which to choose — ensuring you’ll find just the look and design you desire. Learn more about some of the most popular styles on the market to make your final decision when choosing your entry door style and aesthetic.

Traditional Doors

Traditional doors are usually built using rail-and-stile construction or in some cases, built with a solid piece of material that’s been formed to simulate rail-and-stile. Traditional doors can be made from a variety of materials. This style is indicated by raised or indented panels on the face of the door. A traditional door may be topped by a transom window or surrounded by narrow window panels on one or both sides to allow light to flow into the home.

Victorian Style

Victorian entry door styles are inspired by the homes of the Victorian Era, which took place in the mid-1800s through 1901. These doors are traditionally built using stick-frame construction or rail-and-stile wood construction, featuring large panels, detailed woodwork and large windows. The most notable feature of the Victorian entry door is its larger-than-normal size. They’re often accessed via a large veranda-style porch.

Modern Front Door Styles

Modern front door styles feature clean lines and minimalist design. They’re usually flush with the home and don’t feature detailing or ornamentation. This door style is often made from transparent or translucent glass encased in steel but may feature other materials, as well. Occasionally, bright or bold colors may be included in the design. Modern front doors are often taller than other door styles and feature windows in the same size or shape as the rest of the home.

Southwest and Santa Fe Entry Door Styles

Southwest and Santa Fe doors are typically featured on Spanish-colonial and Southwest-style homes. These doors are usually rounded and placed in an arched entryway. Built from wood or fiberglass, these doors often come with intricate carvings and include a small window to keep heat out of the home. These windows may be made from stained, frosted or transparent glass and are often protected by small metal grilles.

Craftsman Entryways

Craftsman doors are made from wood or fiberglass that’s been made to look and feel like solid wood. The style is typically simplistic and includes vertical rectangular panels along the bottom with either a single window or several paneled windows along the top of the door. These windows are usually made from transparent glass but may feature stained or frosted glass, as well. The most unique feature of craftsman doors is a wood dentil shelf that sits below the window. In most cases, craftsman style doors are featured on homes with large front porches, often with front pillars and detailed woodwork.

Farmhouse, Rustic and Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse, rustic and modern farmhouse entry door styles are all similar in nature. Each of these styles is usually hand-crafted from wood or fiberglass. Rustic doors are often bulkier than farmhouse doors, and while farmhouse entry doors are typically adorned with several large windows, rustic doors may have no windows at all or feature a single, large clear glass window. Modern farmhouse doors typically follow the same style as farmhouse; however, they’re often designed with cleaner lines and modern hardware.

Choosing the Right Entry Door for Your Home

When it comes to exterior design, nothing feels better than finding a door that suits the style of your home and personality while keeping your family safe inside. Choosing the right door for your home to welcome friends, family and other visitors is a great way to enhance its curb appeal. Let Thompson Creek help you find the right door; contact us today for a free consultation and price estimate.