Exterior Window Trim Ideas for Your Home

Exterior Window Trim Ideas for Your Home

Windows with an attractive trim enhance the overall aesthetics and style of your home. Not to mention, the trim helps protect between your siding and window frame by keeping out damaging heat and moisture. Use these exterior window trim ideas as inspiration for your next home remodel and add a bit of extra curb appeal to your home.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas to Match Home Styles

The style of your window trim should complement the look of your home. Choose a simpler modern trim for a contemporary home with clean lines. A traditional home with more decorative elements has the visual presence to support more elaborate trim, such as Colonial with layers of molding.

Durable Trim for Long-Term Performance

Exterior vinyl trim molding offers durability and attractiveness when paired with vinyl windows. High-quality vinyl windows and trim hold up for 20 to 50 years because vinyl is moisture-resistant and able to withstand humid weather. New trim along with a vinyl window replacement can add thousands of dollars to your home value.

Window Trim Colors for Complete Coordination

When you’re considering exterior window trim ideas, choosing a color can make a big difference in giving your home a coordinated look. A simple monochrome trim that matches your home siding delivers a relaxed, understated vibe, while contrasting trim draws attention to your windows. Consider matching the trim color to other decorative elements, such as door casings and porch railings, for added visual impact.

One recent trend uses dramatic trim colors to emphasize your home style. Brick-red-colored trim on a classic farmhouse adds vintage appeal, while soft sage green lends a natural vibe to a country cottage. Vibrant purple casings overlooking a garden emphasize the bright blossoms below.

While you can paint vinyl window trim yourself, it’s best to get trim that’s already in the color you want, ensuring that all of your windows match. Modern vinyl window casings are designed to maintain their color with time.

Window Casing Considerations

When you’re considering exterior window trim ideas, select a window casing that efficiently covers the place where your window meets the wall. If you’re investing in new windows for your home, purchasing window trim also ensures a reliable fit and helps prevent any gaps that could let in exterior air or moisture.

When picking out your trim, consider what other design elements you want to put around the window. Shutters or flower boxes might require less elaborate trim since they already act as a focal point around your window. The style of window you have can also affect your choice of window trim, particularly if you opt for a more detailed design of window, such as bay windows.

Keep Window Trim in Top Condition

Proper care can extend the lifespan of your exterior vinyl trim molding and keep it looking great for years to come. Vinyl trim is typically easy to clean and requires an occasional wipe down with a mild detergent or a vinegar-water solution. Use a soft sponge or nonabrasive cloth, such as microfiber, to clear away any dust, mildew, or water spots.

Choosing Window Trim for Replacement Windows

Whether you’re outfitting a modern ranch home or a classic Victorian with new windows, considering your available casing and trim options is part of the process. For energy-efficient replacement windows and the perfect trim to match your home, contact the window experts at Thompson Creek today.