Best Windows for a Home Office

Best Windows for a Home Office

Need a little work inspiration? The key may be adding more natural light to your home office space.


Studies show that natural light can improve productivity and enhance your mood. Make sure to incorporate the right windows for your workspace.


  • Take stock of your home office lighting. According to a Future Workplace survey, access to natural light and views of the outdoor are a number one desire for a workplace environment. When that environment is in your home, you can control your access to natural light by taking stock of the size and location of the windows in your workspace. Consider installing a picture window, to let in continuous daylight without a risk of draftiness. Natural light is a great alternative to artificial or overhead lights, and it’s free! Your living space will be naturally bright and from sunrise to sundown.


  • Energy efficient windows in any room is a great way to take advantage of natural light but keep your home office a consistent comfortable temperature.


  • Expand your view. Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health. Experts recommend standing for 15 minutes each hour. And for eye health, it’s the recommendation to look away from the computer screen every twenty minutes at something about 20 feet away for about 20 seconds. Give yourself something to focus on with a home office window offering a view of the outdoors.


  • Boost your vitamin D while you work. Sunshine vitamin D is suggested to reduce the risk of heart disease and weight gain. Make sure you check out the relationships between the sun and your workspace so your natural light doesn’t create a glare that can strain your eyes.


  • Some people also find themselves spending significantly more time at home during the day, so it’s important to get some fresh air every now and then. Double hung windows are a great choice to help you bring in that fresh air to make you more alert and awake. This would be beneficial on those weekday mornings where you’d usually be in the office.


  • Installing slider windows in a small office space helps give the benefit of light and fresh air. Slider windows open horizontally and are great for smaller workspaces.


  • Create a relaxing spot to read up on your work with a bay window complete with a window seat. A bay window provides that inspiring panoramic view. A window seat is an inviting spot for work collaboration.


Create the Perfect Work Environment with New Windows


Your home office is more important than ever. Make sure it is a place where you find inspiration, contributes to your health and provides a sense of calm. The right windows can be the key. If your windows don’t open properly, or are tough to slide open, it may be time to get them replaced. If you are ready to add a new window or change the type of window to create the perfect work environment for you, our Thompson Creek window experts can help. Visit our site to get your price estimate or to speak with an expert.