How to Reduce Bathroom Humidity

How to Reduce Bathroom Humidity

You may love a steamy, hot shower but all that moisture in the air can lead to structural damage and mold. You don’t have to throw cold water on the situation. Here are some ways you can reduce humidity in your bathroom. 

Why is Humidity An Issue in the Bathroom 

Especially in smaller bathrooms, condensation can contribute to moisture buildup on your appliances and decor, causing damage over time. Some damages that can occur due to excessive moisture include mold, mildew, cracking of paint and finish, and a shortened lifetime of your appliances.  

The Benefit of Bathroom Windows 

Adding windows reduces the humidity in your bathroom by introducing ventilation and airflow. 

Since privacy matters in your bathroom, consider what type of window to install and where. Awning windows are most popular in bathrooms due to their wide range of sizes and functionality. Since they are hinged at the top and open outward, they are ideal for smaller spaces, making it perfect for any bathroom. The ability to open the window outward allows for fresh air to enter your bathroom, while still maintaining your privacy.  

Sliding windows are another popular window style for bathrooms of any size. By sliding horizontally, these windows preserve space even when opened, and are perfect for small rooms like a bathroom. Sliding bathroom windows are an affordable option and allow natural light and ventilation. Since they open horizontally, it is necessary to install them higher up on your wall, so that your bathroom privacy is maintained. Adding privacy glass is another great option to obscure the view into the bathroom.  

Other Ways to Reduce Humidity in Your Bathroom 

Other options for adding ventilation to a humid bathroom include opening your bathroom door while using the shower or installing a fan for ventilation. Installing a fan in your bathroom is relatively inexpensive but doesn’t allow for airflow directly outside the way a window does to efficiently combat moisture. Installing a bathroom awning window or sliding bathroom window is most effective for reducing humidity in your bathroom. 

Damp towels and clothes contribute moisture into the air. Use a drying rack outside a small bathroom to keep the humidity out and speed up the drying process. 

Wiping down areas of condensation like the mirror or the bathroom walls can also help to eliminate moisture in the air and contain the humidity in your bathroom.  

If you see mold in your bathroom, more than likely you have an issue with moisture and humidity. Installing a bathroom window is the best way to eliminate humidity from your bathroom, resulting in healthier air quality and less damage to your appliances and cabinetry. Our experts at Thompson Creek can help you determine whether a sliding bathroom window or an awning bathroom window is right for your home. And when you’re ready to install your new bathroom awning or sliding window, call the experts at Thompson Creek to install with precision and provide quality products that last.