Prepare your Home for Spring

Prepare your Home for Spring

The countdown to spring is on! Here are ten things to do to have your home ready for the new season.

  1. Check your roof.

Winter storms, ice and fallen tree limbs may have caused damage to your roofing structure. Before spring storms unload heavy rains, give your roof a precautionary look, or, if you are experiencing leaks in the ceiling or in the attic, schedule a professional roofing inspection.

  1. Fix damaged window units

Warped, leaking windows that let in winter’s cold air are best repaired in spring before summer’s heat leaks in too. In some cases caulking can create the seal you need. Condensation between the panes of the windows or windows that won’t close should be considered for a full replacement. Replacing ill-fitting and damaged windows will help save on heating and cooling costs in the long term.

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts

Inspect your home’s gutters for possible ice damage from the winter weather. Reattach gutters that my have pulled away from the home. Now is a great time to be sure gutters are cleaned and debris-free in preparation for spring rains. Gutters that are undersized or clogged can back water up into your home’s siding and drywall and create leaks inside your home. Undersized gutters and broken downspouts can also cause damage to your foundation. A clog-free gutter system might be a good option to replace a poorly functioning gutter system.

  1. Prepare your lawn for spring

Early spring is still too early for many plantings but it is the perfect time to do some lawn prep work.

  • Examine your lawn for diseases and lightly rake spots of matted grass to allow new growth
  • Pick up limbs and sticks that may have fallen in winter storms
  • Rake up leaves exposed that may have been hidden under snowfall.
  • Fertilize to give growing grasses the food they need to come out of dormancy
  1. Clean window and door screens

Spring breezes are on their way. Make sure your screens are in good repair and clean so you are ready to welcome them into your home and not spring critters who might want to ride them in too. Here’s a good guide to cleaning your screens.

  1. Repaint and repair exterior siding

Examine your siding for broken pieces, weathering and paint failure. Spring humidity and rains can seep between slats and cause mold and rotting. Vinyl siding replacement can eliminate the need for maintenance and repainting.

  1. Check outside hoses and sprinkle systems

Freezing temperatures may have done a number on your outdoor house faucets and sprinkler system. Check for hose rot and for cracked faucet casings.

  1. Service your air conditioning unit

Get prepped for warmer weather by have a professional service your air conditioning unit making sure its ready to kick into gear.

  1. Change air filters and smoke detector batteries

Start spring with clean filters to help your AC unit perform more smoothly and improve your interior air quality.

  1. Examine concrete walkways, patios and driveways for cracks

Winter’s freeze and thaw can create cracks in your pavement. Survey the property and make a list to repair cracks and crumbling concrete.

Home Spring Cleaning

You’ve waited all winter for a springtime thaw. Your home could use a little early spring TLC. Thompson Creek professionals can help. Call us today for a free estimate to protect your largest investment.