Replacement Windows for Old Homes

Replacement Windows for Old Homes

The typical historic home has single-pane windows that do little to keep the home comfortable in the winter and summer months when extreme temperatures are in effect. But those who own these types of homes often have misgivings about replacing the old windows because they’re afraid they’ll ruin the historic look and timeless appeal they love so much about their homes.

The truth is these fears are unwarranted because it’s easy to find replacement windows for old homes that mimic the look of the original windows. Of course, there are always considerations that should be kept in mind when updating the windows in an older home, so this guide will give you everything you need to know about replacing old windows in a historic home.

Why You Should Replace the Windows in Your Old Home

As stated at the start of this article, old windows are made with one pane of glass, so they aren’t that effective at keeping a home comfortable and energy efficient. Replacing these windows with double-pane windows will greatly help the home’s energy efficiency, meaning lower utility bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Between the energy savings and the extra value, the windows will provide in your home, you’ll most likely regain a substantial portion of what you paid for your windows when the home sells.

What to Think About When Ordering Replacement Windows for an Old Home

Just about every historic home is going to have wood windows. Newer wood windows are specially designed to combine the energy efficient features of modern windows with the rich details and timeless character of historic windows.  Some vinyl manufacturers have added beautiful features, including grids, to match the style of wood windows for a fraction of the cost of wood windows.

When replacing old windows with newer ones, make sure to order the new windows the same size and color as the original ones. Do not choose windows that don’t fit with the architectural style of the home or its age. For instance, don’t replace a couple of old single windows with a large picture window. For assistance, you may even want to contact a local historic preservation committee for advice on what type of replacement windows would suit your home the best.

The Cost of Replacement Windows for Old Homes

When replacing the wood windows with newer wood windows, you can expect the windows to be more expensive than if you were buying vinyl windows. This is simply due to the material, so your overall cost of replacement will be higher than the cost of replacing the same number of windows in a newer home, or one without any historic character.

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