Slider Window Sizes & Placement

Slider Window Sizes & Placement

Looking to highlight your view, increase your natural light and provide maximum ventilation? Slider windows of all different sizes can fit the bill!

Sliding windows are like traditional double hung windows, but they have the added bonus of opening from side to side rather than up and down. The function of the window means slider window sizes can range greatly. Slider windows don’t require as much space vertically as a double hung window so sliding windows sizes run wider than your average double hung version.

Standard horizontal sliding window sizes come in 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch, 72-inch and 84-inch versions. Standard vertical sliding window sizes come in 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches and 60 inches tall.

Sliding window sizes can be custom ordered and made to fit spaces a traditional double hung window might not. Selecting a sliding window outside of the standard slider window sizes or replacing double hung window with a sliding window of a different size might require additional work to the installation location to prepare the correctly-sized opening.

No matter what size sliding window you choose, they all consist of a frame and two sections: a stationary panel and a sliding panel, or two sliding panels. The sliding panel is the active panel moving in front of the stationary one when opened. The panel is pulled to the side rather than lifted as in the case of a double hung or casement version.

Where Do Slider Windows Work Best?

Sliding windows of all sizes work best for openings that are wider than they are tall. They are a great option for hard to reach areas of your home where you still need to bring in light like a basement, kitchen or bathroom.

They are also excellent for ventilation making it the perfect tool to air out that steamy bathroom or get rid of the smell of burnt popcorn in the kitchen.

Because as its name implies, it opens on a track, sliding windows are a good option along a stairway or deck where you would not want to install a traditional casement window, awning windows are any window that opens outward from the home.


Sliding windows of all sizes have the ability to offer a panoramic view without the obstruction of a midline sash or grids. You can pair sliding windows with a center picture window to expand your view and still open the sliding window sections to usher in gentle breezes.

You can choose the sliding window size that is right for your purpose. Whether you choose a small slider window to add that little bit of extra light to a room, a or large slider window for a picturesque seating area, slider windows provide great function to a home.

Find the Right Sliding Window Size For Your Home

Our Thompson Creek experts can help you choose the right sliding window size for your home. Just like all our windows, Thompson Creek sliding windows are made right here in our own local factory, with the highest quality materials for maximum durability and energy efficiency. Call us today for your free sliding window consultation.