Specialty Window Styles

Specialty Window Styles

A specialty window can add dimension and a customized look to your home, whether it be a custom shape, type of glass, or trim. Learn more about the different styles of specialty windows here.

Unlimited architecture

Specialty windows are great to highlight a particular design feature or architectural attribute of a home.  While standard windows are often thought of as rectangular or square, combining a standard shape with a specialty shape can provide a unique look.

Specialty windows include the following shapes:

  • Triangle
  • Trapezoid
  • Quarter circle
  • Circle
  • Octagon
  • Pentagon
  • Elliptical
  • Arched
  • Hexagon

By using one of the unique shapes, your window can seamlessly fit into your home’s design without having to build to specific window dimensions.

Curbside interest

A specialty shape window can add interest and uniqueness to your home’s façade. It can draw attention to a particular portion of your home and add light to a section of your house that would be unattainable in a standard window size.

Combined with standard shapes

Specialty windows sizes combined with a standard window product can help to maximize your look. Flank a picture window with smaller specialty windows for a one-of-a-kind display.

In addition to standard window sizes, glass packages, trim options and grid types can make your windows unique.

Glass Packages

Glass package options include double pane glass, triple pane glass, obscure glass, and tempered glass. Double pane is pretty much the standard for all windows, and triple pane adds an extra insulating layer of glass in the middle. Obscure glass is a type of customization aimed to make your home more private by making it more difficult to see through from the outside. Tempered glass is aimed to make your home safer by being more shatter resistant and stronger than the average window.

Trim Options

The two main types of trim are modern style and colonial style. The main difference between these styles is their intricacy. Modern trim is very basic, with clean straight lines and 90-degree angles, whereas colonial trim adds some extra detail through curves and lines.

Grid Types

A grid is the tic-tac-toe pattern you will see on most windows. There are a couple different styles to choose from for this aspect, such as flat and contoured. The flat style offers a sleek design with a basic grid pattern. A contoured grid is a bit more intricate with lining that appears to contour the grid. This is a better option if you’d like a little more detail.  Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) gids create the look of a true Divided Lite grid while not compromising the insulated glass unit.

There are also specialty grid styles if you’d like a different pattern rather than the basic grid. A colonial style grid, for example, is smaller and more intricate.  There are a number of different types of grid options to give you the customized look you desire.

Custom Windows for Your Home

Apart from these different options, there are also customizations such as the window’s color and other tweaks for preference. Thompson Creek offers custom window options where you can design the perfect window for your home. Call a Thompson Creek window professional today to help you design the perfect specialty windows for your home.