How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

Windows play an important role in your home because they provide natural light, increase airflow and improve your view. Replacing windows is a big investment, so you want a product that lasts. Moisture, heat, humidity, intense sun and severe weather all affect how quickly windows deteriorate. Vinyl windows have a relatively long lifespan, but how long do vinyl windows last compared to other materials?

Why Choose Vinyl Windows

Vinyl replacement windows remain a popular choice for numerous reasons. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, vinyl windows have good moisture resistance, and the Federal Trade Commission stresses how well they insulate. These qualities help protect vinyl windows from wet weather, while offering more consistent temperatures inside your home, but there are many other perks.

Available in a wide range of standard and custom colors, vinyl windows easily match a variety of styles and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Quality vinyl windows are UV-resistant, preventing sun damage to your home’s interiors and furnishings. Although they’re considered the most affordable option, vinyl windows are a durable, energy-efficient choice that requires less maintenance and provides a good return on investment.

How Long Are Vinyl Windows Supposed to Last?

Despite all the benefits of vinyl windows, it’s still important to know how long vinyl windows are supposed to last? Cheap vinyl windows won’t last long, but quality vinyl windows typically last 20 years or longer, with some lasting as long as 50 years. So, to answer the question of how long do vinyl windows last? A long time.

Placement may affect how long your vinyl windows last. The life expectancy of vinyl windows is usually lowered when they’re installed in areas exposed to intense daily sunlight. Counter these effects and extend the life of your windows with routine maintenance and by choosing windows with UV inhibitors built into the vinyl.

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last Compared to Wood?

Wood windows are popular because they offer a naturally beautiful, classic look, but they don’t last long compared to vinyl windows. Summers in the Mid-Atlantic are hot and muggy; winters are extremely cold, and it’s typically wet year-round, which doesn’t bode well for wood.

Unlike vinyl, wood isn’t moisture resistant, and absorbed water can warp and rot wood windows. Wood also requires painting for protection from the weather, and since paint cracks and peels, this increases your maintenance time and costs. Wood windows have the shortest life span compared to any other material, with the best ones expected to last a decade or two.

How Long Aluminum Windows Last

Because you won’t have to worry about warping or rotting due to heavy precipitation and humid summers, aluminum is a much better option than wood. However, moisture can still cause problems for aluminum windows due to corrosion, which is an even bigger problem near the coast. Unless you consistently wipe down aluminum when it gets wet or sweats, you can expect a shorter life span.

Aluminum windows, especially inexpensive versions, also easily dent and ding. Hailstorms that roll through in the spring and summer severely damage aluminum and this damage isn’t cheap to fix. Barring fluctuating weather patterns that severely shorten their life expectancy, but quality aluminum windows should last about 30 to 40 years with care.

How Long Fiberglass Windows Last

Like vinyl, fiberglass is a durable, water-resistant material that endures the elements much better than wood. Fiberglass windows don’t conduct heat or cold, or expand and contract, making them a better insulator than other materials. With care, good quality fiberglass windows can last 50 years or longer.

On the downside, fiberglass windows may peel or fade, requiring repainting. This adds to your overall maintenance costs for a material that’s already the most expensive option. Fiberglass windows are significantly more expensive than vinyl, and high-quality vinyl windows last nearly as long with the right care.

Choosing High-Quality Windows

At Thompson Creek, our windows are built specifically for the Mid-Atlantic climate, so you get the best solution for this area’s unique weather conditions. We custom-design, build and install all our windows, so you can count on a higher-quality product for the lowest possible price, without the middleman markup. Contact us to request a price estimate on our durable, long-lasting replacement windows, and see for yourself how long your vinyl windows last.