What is a Hopper Window?

What is a Hopper Window?

A hopper window helps homeowners save energy and maintain security as they ventilate their homes. What is a hopper window? Learn more about this unique window style, where they’re commonly installed and the advantages of using them.

According to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, the hopper window definition includes windows with movable sashes that openinward. The hinge is on the bottom, and they make excellent windows for bathroom or basement installations.

Since the windowpane tilts upward, it stops debris from blowing into your house. First built in the 1890s, hopper windows remain popular because they fit in small places and open fully for better ventilation.

Is a Hopper Window Energy Efficient?

Hopper windows have low air leakage rates because their sashes press against the frame when closed. The locking latch should close easily after installation. Keeping the windows locked securely prevents energy savings from flowing through the cracks and seams.

Where Do People Use Hopper Windows?

Another hopper window definition emphasizes the unique style and versatility of this type of window. Homeowners use them in basements, laundry rooms, tubs and showers. Some people use them to bring natural light into walk-in closets.

Their smaller size enables you to place them higher on the wall for added privacy. This is also ideal for partially underground locations, which accounts for their popularity in basement construction.

The best places to install them include:

  • Walkways: In high traffic areas facing walkways, patios and garages, inward-opening hopper windows can keep air flowing without blocking the path.
  • Basements: With limited vertical space available, basements make great places to install hopper windows. Low-profile windows provide ventilation without detracting from your home’s curb appeal.
  • Bathrooms: You need plenty of ventilation in the bathroom, but privacy is just as important. Install hopper windows above the line of sight in your shower or above the tub. In this position, the windows can let in natural light while letting out steam and odors.
  • Kitchens: If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, consider a hopper window over the sink. This adds a unique flair to your design and improves airflow while you cook or wash the dishes.

Advantages of Hopper Windows

What is a hopper window? Another way to answer this involves the benefits of choosing them over other types of windows, such as:

  • Security: Hopper windows open inward and provide little space for unauthorized entry. They are also hard to jimmy open from the outside. These features deter burglars looking for fast and silent entry points.
  • Insulation Value: The superior seals of hinged windows make hopper, casement and awning windows a great choice to save energy. When you crank the window closed, you form a tight seal between the pane and the frame. Further, pairing this style with low-energy glass can save you money.
  • Humidity Control: Hopper windows provide ventilation and control humidity in damp environments such as the bathroom or basement. If you need a way to reduce mold and mildew buildup, install hopper windows.
  • Easy Installation: Hopper windows have a simple design and are easier to open than double-hung windows. With fewer moving parts, they are often cost-efficient and cheaper to get installed.


Hopper Window Installers

Hopper windows are easy to install. However, it’s best to trust a professional to get the job done right the first time. Experienced technicians take careful measurements to ensure that you get a window that fits the space and that fully opens inward. Professional installers also use quality materials to seal the frame so you don’t experience leaks and cracks.

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