What is Window Casing?

What is Window Casing?

No matter whether you chose to install a picture window, double hung window or a bay window, you will need to decide the type of window casing you want to finish the job. This blog will help you decide what type of window casing is right for your home.

The window casing is the outer layer of your window frame and is often referred to as the finishing touch to window installment. Casing is usually chosen to match the molding around your doors and other windows for a clean, uniform look. Although it exists for the aesthetic aspect of your windows, window casing also plays an important practical role as well. They are installed on the exterior of your home to help seal out the outside air and prevent drafts, so be sure that it is installed completely and efficiently.

Take a look at these options when it comes to window casings.

Complete Casing

Complete window casing surrounds all four sides of your window. This type can be styled to fit your home’s interior, either modern or more traditional. Casing can also be completed in layers for a more detailed effect.

Low Profile Casing

A more simplistic style of window casing is low-profile casing. Instead of acting as a more decorative element, low profile casing is a more practical option without the look of trim. Low profile casing doesn’t cover the four sides of the window, instead it is hidden on the inner part of the window frame. If you’re looking for your windows to blend into your home’s interior look, low profile casing is the right option for you.

High Profile Casing

If you’re looking for your window casing to make a statement, and add more decoration to your walls, you should go for a high-profile option. This can mean anything from more layering in your casing, to specific details added upon request. High profile casing is an easy way to spruce up your home and draw the eye to your windows.

Traditional Casing

Similar to low profile casing, traditional casing is a simplistic style, aimed to blend into the walls of your home. Instead of being on the inside of your window frame however, traditional casing sits on the outer parts of your window frame. Some characteristics of traditional casing include straight lines and a sleek clean look without the added look of layers and detailing.

Casing and additional molding around your window can be kept traditionally white to maintain a clean, fresh appearance however, some homeowners do opt to paint the window casing and additional molding to create a dramatic effect. Dark window casing can accentuate the look and feel of a modern or industrial-stye home. Painted casings and rim to match a wall color or an accent color is great for a Victorian-style home or beach cottage.

Exterior Window Casing For Your Home

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