Why Choose Double Hung Windows for Your Home

Why Choose Double Hung Windows for Your Home

When it comes to windows sometimes two is better than one. Find out in this post why double-hung windows may be the right choice for your home window replacement project.

What Is A Double-Hung Window?

Taking a first look at traditional windows and you likely won’t immediately know if the window unit is single or double hung. What will give it away is if you notice the top section of the window, the top sash, can open. A window is a double hung version if you can open both the bottom and the top sash. A sash is the square or rectangular frame that includes the window glass. Singe hung windows only have a moveable bottom sash. The ability to open and tilt each sash improving ventilation and making cleaning easier.

What are the Benefits of Double-Hung Windows?

  1. Cleaning

For many homeowners, the reason to install double hung windows instead of single hung versions is because of how much easier it is to clean double hung windows. Double hung windows tilt into the interior of your home, meaning you can clean them from the comfort of your home.

Single hung windows only tilt in the movable bottom sash requiring the top sash to be cleaned from the outside of the home. That job can be made more difficult for upper-level window or when windows are not accessible with a short ladder. It can also be costly as cleaning may require special equipment or a professional cleaning company to get the job done.

  1. Airflow

Circulation of airflow can be made easier when you have the ability to open both sashes a portion of the way or just a top or just a bottom sash. For best cooling ventilation, open the bottom sash to allow cool air to enter the room and the top sash to allow warmer air which rises to the top of the room to escape.

  1. Safety

Keeping the bottom sash closed is one of the best ways you can keep young kids safe around windows. Double hung windows offer the ability to get the ventilation you desire from the top sash while keeping the bottom sash closed and young kids from falling out. Here are more window safety tips.

Using a locking mechanism that keeps both sashes in places, means it also keeps your home safe from intruders.

  1. Design appeal

Double hung windows in the way they open, are safer around decks and walkways. Because they don’t crank out toward the exterior of the home there is no danger of knocking into the window if you are walking on a patio or deck.

What is the price difference between single and double-hung windows?

A double-hung window will likely cost up to 20 percent more than its single-hung counterpart. That additional cost is due to the additional mechanics required for the double-hung unit to do its job and the installation.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that the price per window can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the materials and features you choose and cost of installation, in their Shopping for New Windows article.

At Thompson Creek we can help you determine the best type of window for your home renovation project. Like all of our Thompson Creek products, our double-hung windows are made from top quality materials making them the best choice in window products for your Mid-Atlantic home.