10 Winter Home Décor Tips to Make Your Home Warmer and More Inviting

10 Winter Home Décor Tips to Make Your Home Warmer and More Inviting

The holidays will be here before you know it, so now is the time to start acting on your winter decorating ideas. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Here are ten easy winter home décor tips that will make your home warmer and more inviting this season.

Create a Winter Tray Basket

Your coffee table offers a blank slate that makes for a great way to introduce cozy winter elements into your living room. Take a tray basket and place a candle hurricane in the middle of it. Then, surround the glass with pinecones, evergreen clippings, personal heirlooms or vintage items. You’ll have a rustic, but warm-looking centerpiece for your coffee table that will highlight the beauty of winter and bring the room together.

Make Winter Candle Jars

If you have pinecones left over from the above project, then you can use them in this one. Simply take the pinecones and use twine to tie them around the lip of a mason jar. Then, add some Epsom salt to the jar and set a votive candle in place. Take some fake snow and glue it to the pinecones and around the lip of the jar to complete this winter candle jar project.

Decorate with Icicle Branches

With this project, you can bring the beauty of a snow-covered morning inside with faux icicle branches. All you need is some fallen branches, some glitter, a bit of salt, and spray glue. Just spray the branches with glue and cover them with glitter and salt and let them dry. Then, hang them on your wall or place them on your mantel.

Make a Tea Light Log

Candles offer the ideal winter solution for adding light and warmth to a room. With this tea light log project, you can make an impressive looking candle display in mere minutes using a log, a hand drill, and some tea lights.

Build a Winter Wreath

A winter wreath is a wonderful way to bring the season’s outdoor elements inside. Buy a simple wreath from your local crafts store, and add some evergreen branches, pinecones, and white flowers to it to create a simple but elegant wreath for hanging on your wall or front door.

Set Up a Hot Cocoa Bar  

Hot cocoa and cold winter days go hand in hand. So, why not have hot cocoa conveniently available when the mood strikes? With this simple project, you can create a fun hot cocoa bar where your family and guests can walk up, grab a cup, and make a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. It’s not only functional, but it also looks festive!

Make a Winter Ski Display

Visit your local flea market, garage sales, and thrift stores and keep your eyes peeled for vintage skis. When you find a pair, take them home and make this handsome winter ski display. The wood element adds a rustic touch and the greenery really pops.

Winterize Your Front Porch

The front porch is the perfect place to showcase your seasonal decorating prowess. Decorate the area for winter using things like old sleds, galvanized buckets filled with evergreen, and whatever else you can round up.

Upcycle Old Sweaters Into Throw Pillows

If you have some old sweaters that have seen better winters, don’t throw them out. Instead, upcycle them into decorative throw pillows and they’ll continue to provide you with comfort and coziness for years to come.

Make Whimsical Mason Jar Light Chandeliers

String lights bring an extra added twinkle to any room and this project makes for an interesting and whimsical way to use them. Take several mason jars and burlap ribbon and make a “chandelier.” Fill the open jars with LED string lights and the glass will bring the lights to life. Then, just hang your chandelier anywhere you can use a little extra glow.

Winter Decorating Ideas

No matter what your style or preference, there are plenty of winter decorating ideas perfect for making your home pop a little more this season.