2021 Window Treatment Trends

2021 Window Treatment Trends

You probably know that replacing your old windows can increase your house’s energy efficiency and overall value. But, did you know that new windows from Thompson Creek can also serve as a great focal point for any room, providing you with the opportunity to refresh your home decor?

If you want to create an exciting new look to go along with your replacement windows, explore these five current window treatment trends for a dose of design inspiration.

1. Sustainable Materials

One trend that looks as if it’s here to stay is window treatments made from sustainable materials. These eco-conscious textiles are made from renewable resources that can be produced with minimal environmental impact. In addition to being earth-friendly, many of these materials have an attractive natural look that blends well with modern and traditional decor.

If you want to pair the energy-efficiency of your replacement windows with an eco-friendly window treatment, try one of these fashionable options:

  • Wooden plantation shutters
  • Bamboo, reed, jute, or grass shades
  • Faux wood blinds made from recycled materials
  • Curtains made from environmentally responsible fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, and cupro, which is a vegan, silk-like material


2. Motorized Blinds and Smart Shades

Current window treatment trends favor functionality, and two items that fit the bill are motorized blinds and smart shades. These high-tech home decor components come in various styles and fabrics, so they look great while providing privacy, energy efficiency, and security.

Motorized blinds and smart shades let you raise, tilt, or lower them with the touch of a button. Plus, many smart shades integrate easily with home assistants, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Nest, so that they can be adjusted remotely. As an added benefit, there are no dangling cords or tilt wands, making your home safer for pets and small children. Because they eliminate the need for reaching, these powered window treatments are also great for people with mobility issues.

If the prospect of shopping for motorized window treatments leaves you overwhelmed, The New York Times takes a look at some of the best smart window shades available to help you get started.


3. Industrial Style

Industrial style is also heating up when it comes to home decor. This sleek, low-maintenance aesthetic incorporates edgy urban elements and an appreciation for functional design.

To achieve the no-fuss industrial-chic look, try incorporating one or more of the following elements into your window treatments:

  • Metallic fabrics
  • Upcycled materials
  • Wood and metal elements
  • Neutral colors in various combinations
  • Edgy accessories, such as black, pewter, or copper curtain rods and hardware


4. Jewel Tones

When it comes to current window treatment trends, 2021 is the year of deep, rich color, and many homeowners are opting for warm tones, such as burgundy, plum, and terra cotta. To create the monochromatic look that’s trending, choose a bold color for your walls and dress your new windows with classic Roman shades in a similar hue.

If you gravitate more toward cooler colors, you might want to consider painting your room in soothing Aegean Teal, Benjamin Moore’s color of the year. Once you’ve stashed away your rollers and brushes, grab a paint chip so you can shop for coordinating curtains in a luxurious, room-darkening fabric.


5. Cottagecore

If you haven’t heard about the Cottagecore movement, you might be missing out. According to Architectural Digest, this modern trend, which is a hip update to the shabby chic craze of the early 2000s, is defined by nostalgia and a traditional English countryside aesthetic.

To incorporate this cozy, romantic trend into your home, consider window treatments that incorporate the following design elements:

  • Crochet
  • Eyelet lace
  • Delicate floral prints
  • Pattern layering
  • Voluminous fabrics

Pleated curtains or Roman shades in a soft, romantic print are a great way to incorporate this traditional but trendy look in a bedroom or living room window.

Current Window Treatment Trends Start With Thompson Creek

Current window treatment trends start with great windows, and at Thompson Creek Window Company, we make sure you have the right window for every room in your house. Select one of our energy-efficient styles to increase your home’s interior and exterior appeal.