7 Summer Home Projects to Do Before the Fall Season Starts

7 Summer Home Projects to Do Before the Fall Season Starts

If there’s one thing being a homeowner teaches you, it’s that time moves fast. While it might be summer now, fall will be here before you know it, so now is the time to tackle those summer home improvement projects you planned back in winter. Ready to get to work? Here are ten summer home projects you should try to get out of the way before fall’s cooler weather rolls in.

Repair Cracked or Buckling Concrete

If you have parts of your sidewalk where the concrete is buckling or cracked, you need to fix them now. Not only are they unsightly, but they also pose a tripping hazard and the potential for a lawsuit should someone fall and get hurt. This is a job you’ll want to do while the weather is warm to ensure the concrete sets properly.

Stain and Seal the Deck

The dry months of summer are the ideal time to apply a fresh coat of stain and sealant to your deck. Getting it done now will help protect your deck from the elements when winter’s wet weather comes to town.

Power Wash the Home’s Exterior and Walkways

After a long damp winter, things start to grow in spring. And in some cases, this means moss on the siding. Summer’s toasty temperatures make for the perfect time to get the pressure washer out and give the siding and your walkways a cleaning. Now is the best time to blast away the moss, mold, and dirt buildup, so your home can look its absolute best.

Install New Siding

Summer is also the best time to replace the siding on a home. If your home’s siding has seen better days, then this summer might be the time to finally do something about it.

Replace Windows or Doors

The colder weather brings heating cvosts and increased utility bills, so if you want to replace your windows or have a new door installed, the summer months are a great time to do it. A large part of installing new windows takes place on the outside of the home, and the summer is a great time to do the work.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

What’s better than barbequing on a warm summer day? The answer would be, “cooking in a fully equipped kitchen outside,” of course. Summer is the perfect time to bring your dream of having an outdoor kitchen to life.

Landscaping Projects

Landscaping typically can’t be accomplished in the fall and winter because the land is barren. In the summer, it is just easier to see how things will look, so this is when you should plan any major landscape changes on your property.

Summer Home Improvement Projects for Your Budget

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